Friday, January 09, 2009

What I made for lunch today:

First came the dough - the peasant bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day cookbook - laid into two small, buttered pyrex. You can use the master bread recipe, which is white, but I'd recommend you buy the book for the Peasant Bread recipe, its so worth it.

Then, I mixed up 3 eggs with spices and fresh green onion. Bacon bits and sun dried tomatoes wait their turn to go into the mix. I brushed the exposed crust with some nice Mediterranean cooking oil.

Just out of the oven. I made Mr. Mile's 'open faced' with cheese sprinkled ontop, while mine, slightly smaller, I added the cheese INSIDE and covered mine entirely with dough.

Very pretty to look at. A healthy, hearty meal. I'd recommend it. I loved making the muffin tin versions on the official Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day website click HERE) , but these are a bit more of a full meal and also the cleanup is very quick.


Well, it was pure deliciousness. Kind of like a Quiche inside a loaf. My Real Man, Mr. Miles - gave it a 'thumbs up'!


  1. see I knew I should of the tast tester looks yummmmm I know what I will be waiting for when I there...hehehe

  2. You know why I can´t loose my weight? Every time I visit your blog I go away hungry....:)
    This looks so delicious!!
    When I come to visit Canada and to your house, I want some of this, ok? :=)

  3. That sounds yummy! And it looks yummy too! I am sure Mr. Miles enjoyed this! Lucky Mr. Miles!

  4. omg yummmm....
    Im comin over!

  5. That looks so delicious - what a fabulous meal!

  6. OH MY WORD WOMAN! That looks SO GOOD! Tomorrow's bfast is quiche. I wish I had your recipe. :)


  7. Mrs. Miles.. that is sooo yummy looking I cant wait to try it. thank you for all your sharing you do.

    Hugs, Joy

  8. YUM!!! Does this qualify as your Friday "
    show and tell"? You are so talented. Thank for sharing this.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Now that looks DEEEElicious!

    The usual british name for green onions (if I can see them correctly in your pic) is spring onions, but here in N Ireland we call them scallions.

    They are the added ingredient to mashed potato to make champ.

  11. Thanks for the quiche thoughts! I do pheresis twice a month, in the morning before i'm really awake, so this will be perfect to pop in the oven before my shower. Then i can eat it on the way to the Donor Center. Definitely will save from the mini-quiches i've been buying. The muffin tin versions weren't quite enough, and i have perfect- sized ramekins for 2 eggs. Thanks again!


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