Thursday, January 15, 2009

Osoyoos Lake looks like a big slice of Swiss cheese, with the black 'holes' of ice showing through the snow. And it occurred to me, it now looks similar to another local lake, Spotted lake. Spotted lake gets its appearance from the mineral pockets though. Our lake changes every day - as does the weather.

Spotted Lake

This all makes me think of a poem I just found, about the ever changing weather, though the poem was made about the weather in England.

I wake to a day that is cloudy and grey,

So I put on my hat and my mac.

I walk down the street with my boots on my feet,

and the crafty old sun's creeping back.

I run to the house as fast as a mouse,

And quickly change into a dress,

But before I can go I hear thunder and so,

I'm getting confused I confess.

I creep out the door and slip on the floor

When I find there is snow on the ground.

I walk into a tree, its not easy to see

When the fog is so thick all around.

It just seems to me, and I'm sure you'll agree,

Tha our crazy old weather's unique.

Where else would you find, snow, rain, sun and wind -

Not yearly, but all in one week.

Jean Forrest

What's your weather like?


  1. What an amazing spotted lake - never seen anything like it!

    Love that poem.

    They say here in Ireland we have 3 types of weather - raining, just stopped raining, or just about to rain! Guess that is why it is so green.

  2. Hi sweetheart!!! Dear Barb, DEAR, DEAR, SWEET Barb!!!

    You just HAVE to know how encouraging it has been to have my SCRAPLAND friends come and leave loving thoughts, suggestions, shares, sympathies, compassion, humour and the list goes on!

    Thank you SOOOOO much for visiting me and bringing a smile to my face and warm fuzzies to my heart as I was racing against the clock to keep from losing everything I've diligently worked at for many years now!

    I had to sort of chuckle when I came down with the flu for the first time in two decades and then my new hard drive got sick too!!! Ya think my spending SO much time on this machine, it picked up my bug??? ROTFLMBO!!! HA! Nice thought, but SO not true!!!

    YES, I am a bit giddy as it is past the bewitching hour and I tend to get a little silly this time of the night!

    It felt SO good to finally post my GOODY for all of my faithful friends that come to visit me, share themselves and think enough of my stuff to take some with them!!! Such SPECIAL friends I have in this part of the world!

    Tomorrow is the BIG day! I now have all I need to go about trying to retrieve those PRECIOUS files that are entombed in a piece of metal and gadgetry that decided to BAN me from using them anymore!!! That is, until I come to save the day and FREE them up for unlimited usage once again!!! LOL!

    Okay, I'd better get my silly self back to finish up what is left undone and to give your BEAUTIFUL eyeballs a rest!!! He, he ...

    Love atcha girlie and I SO hope to catch up with you VERY, VERY soon!

    P.S. Your lake is AWESOME and we have, believe it or not, had a bit of "springish" weather this week. Fairly warm days, yet still cold at night. This soon shall pass and we'll be back to chilly weather once again! It has been nice not to have to have the heater running all day! OH, OH, OH and I just have to tell you HOW funny and CUTE your last post to Kim was on her blog!!! He, he ... XOXO

  3. Good morning Mrs Miles : )

    Beautiful pictures of the lake.

    I loved the poem and so true of the Oregon Coast also.

    Today was a cool but beautiful sunny day.

    Hugs.. Joy

  4. Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the photos!!!!!!!!!!!
    Right now its Freezing cold in the 20's & wind chill factor makes it colder yet!!!!!!!!
    In a way I'm glad I got the stomach bug as I dont need to go out in it!!!!! LOL
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good Morning Sis, We have fog and lots of it, Victoria'a little inversion according to our weather man. Love the photo's they are great, thank you so much for sharing. Love the poem :)

  6. LOVE the photos & poem too! Our weather has been WONDERFUL in the day, like 70's. last week was a different story though and i am sure it will get cooler again before spring. Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day! :D

  7. love the photos day I would like to visit that spotted lake. Love the poem thanking you for sharing..maybe see you online later.


  8. What beautiful photos! Is that Miles taking the pic´s? With not even a sweater on?? It looks cold but very pretty and somehow strange...
    We are having pretty good day weather wise today. After a week of unbearable heat it finally cooled off a bit yesterday. It rained only 7 mm, which is just enough to cover the dust, but we are thankful for every drop!
    Have a great weekend Barb!

  9. Miles - put a coat on dude!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lol! oh yes our weather has been known to be very changeable very quickly! In fact yesterday it was freezing and a touch of fog and today I was driving around with the sun roof open drinking in the sunshine.
    I do envy your lakes.. and spotted lake looks amazing, what fabulous photo's.
    Have a good weekend Barb :)

  11. Barb, I've just been looking at the amazing photo show on brainthrill, can you tell me is the horses in black and white also infra red, I think thats the term I mean?

  12. The spotted lake looks extremely cool! I will have to show that pic to my son. Thanks for sharing!

    It is cold for the South here. But I am sure our cold is nothing compared to your cold. That's why God put me in the South. He knew I would never be able to handle all of that cold weather :o)

    Take care my friend!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Those are truly lovely photos Mrs Miles. We have sunshine today - I will take it... I still can't walk very well on the drive because it is a solid sheet of ice... Soon I hope.

    Have a wonderful afternoon - and I hope the sunshine finds you soon.

  14. Popping in to say hi and let you know i have an award for you! You are soo deserving! please stop by and recieve it! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL evening! :D

  15. Good Morning Barb:)
    I finally got by to see what you have been up to while my back was turned.LOL
    I have never heard of Spotted Lake or of a lake doing that.How cool!:)I need to get out more often.hehe
    I LOVE your poem too..hehe.:)I think a little of England has come to the States..don't you? You never know what kind of weather you are gonna wake up to these days.:)
    I just had to stop by to say HI before Christy takes me on another shopping spree.:)

    Love and Hugs!



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