Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kind hearts are the garden,

Kind thoughts are the roots;

Kind words are the blossoms,

Kind deeds are the fruits.

I am just blown away – I received not one, not two but THREE blog awards yesterday. How could a person have a bad day, even if it is was a Monday, when she recieved these awards? DO tell. Each one touches me deeply. I don't do lotteries, but I imagine if I did I could not feel any more 'rich' should I win a windfall of money. No, I think this is much, much finer than this.

This FIRST award was given to me by my friend Sherry. Thank you so much, Sherry. I'd promised Sherry wayyyy back when the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe closed that when I got back into designing that I would come and work at her store, Digital Designers Den. I'd thought I'd be back at it this month, but I must confess – I don't know whether its the blah weather, or just holiday-lag, but I just don't feel so creative at all! I'm picking away at some small ideas and I suspect one day its going to come flooding out – then watch out y'all!

I've also been thinking, if I get REALLY creative, there is another shop that I would ALSO be very proud and eager to sell at, so I will keep you posted. I feel SO loved and appreciated by my designing friends. Each one of you has been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me, and its not easy trying to pick where I'll sell. You all might be the reason I come back and design up a storm, you know? Just to hang with you!

Anyways, Sherry's award comes with the hope that I'll share seven random things about myself and then to share my blog with seven others. Hmmm, well I usually shirk away from all this but hay, if you are sweet enough to reward me I'll take a stab at it.

Random Me things:

  • I sometimes put potato chips on my sandwhiches when I don't have any lettuce, to get that satisfying c.r.u.n.c.h.

  • I can't sleep if the closet door is open, can't sit if a cupboard door is open.

  • I can spell missisipi londonderry by memory – from some school lesson learned all those years ago, probably like grade 5 or something. Go figure what your brain will remember. What good would something like this ever do me? I ask you that?

  • I can write backwards with ease.

  • Sometimes I like to wear polar fleece shirts inside out, and socks too (hay, whats with that, anyways, they always make the outside softer than the inside)

  • I love to rake and sweep. I could do it all day long.

  • I hum my own little anonymus tune when I'm really REALLY happy, like when my husband is nearby. I'm hoping one day he will put my little hum to music :)

My award is passed to:

Judy – I love your blog, Sister-in-Law because you fill it with all our family. I love your many photos and slideshows of my brother and the up and coming grandkids. You always have encouragement and pretty poems and your wonderful layouts. Coming to your blog is like having a visit with you. I'm so glad you keep it up. I'm always touched that you use my Scrapbooking products and elements and promote me. I hope I make you proud.

Nina – I love your blog, Little Sister, because I get to see this creative side of you. I'm still amazed when I see each one. I love your sense of design, how you put your elements and papers together. You have such a good artistic style! I love that we share blog hops now, and its another way we can connect each day. You're my one and only, real life sister and now we are blog-buddies too.

Shirley – I bet each one of you reading this here today, have had a visit at some time from Shirley. Shirley is such a loyal visitor and friend, and a rare one who I notice will visit any links when we ask for prayer or encouragment for someone. I see she always follows it up and not only visits but leaves a comment. It touches me to see you do this, Shirley. You've earned a special place in my heart!

Sharon - Sharon, I'm not picking on you, but your blog does not get updated much – I keep visiting to find out more about YOU, for I sense you are such a kind, sweet person. I KNOW why your blog does not get much attention, for you are always “out of the house” so to speak, meaning you are at all our blogs, giving us your time and attention. You are true to leave us some love each time, and your words and visits mean a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Victoria – You came to ME when I was working at Sophia Sarducci and you asked me if you could be my CT (creative team for those of you who don't scrapbook) I'd always loved you coming by, but you can't know how that tickled me. I always wanted a CT, but had NO idea how one went about having, or treating one. What was expected etc. You took it on and showed me what was what. You promoted me on your own time. Thanks for this, and when I design again I'd be honored for you to do this again!

The SECOND award is from my smart, funny and faithful friend Betty, who lives in Paraguay. Betty and I have come to know each other well over the past year – partly because I pester her with a bazillion questions and she’s kind enough to answer. We’ve also begun to pray for our children together. I love that we do this together, Betty. Betty is going through some trails right now with both her parents. I’m sure if the ONE thing you did today, was stop by Betty’s blog and leave her some encouragement, well, that could be your ‘good deed’ for the day, the thing that would make a difference to HER.

I’m rewarding Betty’s award to:

Gina – Gina and I have been blog friends, and real, I've seen you live friends, for the longest of any of my blog friends. She and I have history, which says much. Gina is so much more than a blog friend, she's a constant inspiration to me. She's a modern day pioneer who takes whatever life throws her and never lets her circumstances crush her. She's an example to me of a Godly friend who's outlook and motivation come from her Christian walk. She's witty, she's faithful, trustworthy and she's 12 feet tall in my eyes. Thank you, dear friend for always being here for me.

Valinda – Valinda, you and I have also been blog friends for ages, and you have been my most faithful blog friend with your daily visits and good words. You and I too, have become friends who pray for each other, friends who communicate not only on our blogs, but we share our lives and friendship offline too. I count each encounter with you as a jewel in my day.

Ariela – I consider your blog (Baking and Books) best as well because its always packed with such great recipes, advice and bits of you. You're a wealth of information and inspiration and I'm sure my day is richer each time I visit with you. I've only been a visitor over the past few months but I already have learned so much. Your blog is delicious!

Elizabeth – What makes me include your blog (Just Us) is how you always include your husband in it. Its very evident you have a wonderful, close marriage and family. I love how your blog shines with the joy of FAMILY. Your blog is a like a beacon of goodness in a very 'me' world. Thank you for allowing us to share in your life, through your blog. Oh, and your photography is wonderful too!

Cicero Sings – Cis, your blog is a little slice of BC. You allow us to sojourn in your stunning corner of this beautiful province, and educate us on the local flora and fauna. Your photography is stunning and your baking makes my mouth water each time I visit. I always bring a cup of coffee to my blog-read at your site, for I know I'll be staying and 'chewing' on your good posts! I've truly enjoyed getting to meet and know you and look forward to 2009 as a year our freindship is enriched even further!

My THIRD award comes to me from my friend Alicia. Alicia is my snowflake friend, that is, she’s like finding a snowflake in the middle of summer. She’s refreshing and a Godly woman and her posts are always an inspiration to me. She’s a reminder to me always, of God’s grace. Her words are always good Spiritual fodder for me to chew on all day long. She’s also got a great sense of humour and I love her “It was not me” posts on... I think its Mondays. THANK YOU Alicia, for your award, and your visits and prayers!

Alicia’s award comes with the request that I tell you five things I’m addicted to, and to pass this award on to five people. My five are:

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day – yes, highly addicted. I just can't stop making it. Its too easy and simple and there are countless ways to make the stuff. I could not imagine what I did before I found this.

Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings – it makes a great hot, cold or chai. I sometimes simmer bags on the stove with a bit of milk, to sip when I want. It makes the entire house smell nice!

Cleaning rags – I keep rags in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room. I grab one and do a quick wipe down of things and they get tossed in the washer. They make my life so much easier, wipe and done! No big cleaning days anymore.

Hawkins Cheesies – These are a Canadian snack and they're wonderful.

Body Shop's Vanilla Spice body lotion. Mmmm... I smell like... Bengal Spice tea, sorta. Heady, rich, soft yet spicy... mmmm to the nose. I'm not a perfume girl much, this is my choice instead.

My award gets forwarded toooooo:

KimB – your blog IS fabulous! Your blog is always a treat for the eyes with all your marvelous photography and chic designs. You haul us around on your little 'adventures' and what truly shines through your blog is your SMILE – it beams out from your little corner of the internet. You have a heart as big as all (since I don't know South Africa at all I have to use the good old USA) ... well as big as all Texas. I love ya, my SA girlfriend! You truly have no idea at all how your kind heart and generosity are overwhelming. You cause me to want to be better. You put your love into action. Our friendship is a FIRM ROCK on which I count on. Always!

Louise - You just popped up in my blog comments one day and became an instant freind. You're SO creative and have taken not only some of my designs, but others as well and transformed them into amazing hybrid projects. You're a great designer in your own right as well and I'm always curious to come by and see what you'll be making next. I have a strong suspicion you could make something beautiful out of ANYTHING.

JanMary – Another prayer friend, we continually place our needs with each other. I love JanMary's descriptions and passion for her homeland. You're so multi-talented it would be hard to put a shine on just one thing. You give us all a sense of what life in Ireland is like, and what your traditions are, and good craft ideas. You have a lovely family and we are treated to your capturing them on 'film' and then get to see how you create your powerful digital layouts. I'm always looking forward to a visit to your place!

Bunny – You make me LAUGH. You always have some quirky funny thing on your blog. You are a square peg in a round hole – meaning you are completely unique and creative. Don't change one thing about yourself.

Amy – somehow you got so busy you almost slipped off everyone's radar – but not possible, girlfriend! You were just off edjikatin yerself and being busy with raising your sweet little Emma. You still came out now and again to offer some pretty designs and promote others too. I sorely have missed you while you've been off getting 'booksmart'. Thank you for all you do, and not forgetting us.

Linda – You're so full of energy you would put the Energizer Bunny to SHAME! You're always cooking up something new and fun and you squeeze every single drop out of life. You're generous to a fault and you keep us amused with even your tales of computer woes! You are a wonderful encourager to all. Thank you for being my friend.

Soooo - now I think I've fulfilled my award requirements.... LOL, I bet nobody is going to award me for a looong time now, for fear I'll send it BACK haha! Actually, I've really enjoyed this as its given me an opportunity to ponder on what wonderful friends I've been blessed with and been able to express and share this.

Wow, how can it NOT be a great day today - I ask you?


  1. Thank you for passing the first award on to me. Now I have to come up with 7 random things about me...

    I totally think you deserve every award you got. What a wonderful person you are, and you've got a wonderful blog. I get so inspired when I visit.

    And if you ever need/want another CT - you better ask me first!!!!

  2. Thanks for the award (I think!). I am not always the best at passing these on, but I will try :)

    Thanks for your lovely comments... very sweet and kind. I look forward to the day we finally get to meet in person.

  3. thanks for the award Barb!

    a few things:
    OMG- I cant sleep with the closet door open either! Something from childhood nightmares I think. So, in remodeling the down stairs DH built me a huge closet IN ANOTHER ROOM! We have no closet in our bedroom anymore hahah!


    I love to hum too, especially while cooking. Everyone laughs, I ban them from the kitchen and they can hear me humming in the tv room. I think it is a wonderful release of fulfillment and peace!

  4. Congratulations on your awards - and they are so well deserved!

  5. Hi! Congrats on your award. I came to visit you via Betty's blog.

    I do the potato chip thing too on my sammy's! That is if I'm not adhering to my diet!

    Nice "meeting" you!

  6. You can write backwards??! Why would you? :)
    I love your little quirks and getting to know you better. Congrats on the awards!! You deserve them and I´m sure you will receive many more!

  7. You know, you are such a lovely person, and your little quirks make you somewhat more special... when I was younger, like many many moons ago, I used to love writing backwards, I would also write with my other hand too, I am left handed you see, and I do most things right handed other than writing.
    Barb, thankyou so much for my award. I am so pleased we have got to know each other, I really do love stopping by and reading all that you have to tell.
    I am not surprised you have received so many awards in one go. :)

  8. BARB!
    The humming thing is funny because Hubby has been caught doing this several times at work lately and is starting to get embarrassed. i wish they'd just smile and leave him alone because I don't want him to stop. MEN! Now then thank you for thinking my blog is fabulous even if it's trying to "slip off the radar" LOL! I'm truly just so super busy. I couldn't agree more with your awards and who you've gifted them on to. You are such a fabulous woman and constant inspiration and friend!
    Much love and hugs,
    -Amy the ever busy

  9. Oh what a great post my friend! You totally deserve every award you get. You are a great blogging friend! And I am far richer for knowing you.

    Take care and may you have a wonderfully blessed week!

  10. thanks you Barb ...I love coming to your blog the words the prayers the pictures and the love is always waiting here for me ..and others...thanks for being our friend ..our ear and our guardian angel.

    hugs & love

  11. I just found your site tonight. I subscribe to almost 200 scrap sites and 30 genealogy sites. My two loves. Yours is bar none, the best out there. I love the cooking, recipes, wonderful photos, family remembrances, inspiration and the freebies. Your blogs are worth reading, each one and they are all uplifting in some way. What a great site! It will be top on my daily read list. God Bless...

  12. My dear dear friend- first off- you deserve every single one of those awards! Second- a SQUARE PEG in a ROUND HOLE- bwahahahahahahaha- I cracked up at that one- you have it tooo the perfet T! hee hee.
    I so LOVED reading your 7 things- I can't sleep with the cupboard doors open either- but I think that's a childhood thing that stayed with us maybe- lol
    Your words are far tooo kind my friend but I thank you from the bottom of this heart ( and I have no clue how big Texas is- ROTF)-
    Thank you soo sooo much.
    This weeks been CRAZY and Nathan got home yesterday- YIPPPEEEEE, I've missed him terribly!
    Sending you hugs and a little warm sunshine to get rid of the BLAHS- lol

  13. Good Morning Barb!!!!!!!!!!
    TY so very much for the award!!!!
    As for my blog I'll have another entry shortly!!!!!!
    I've been under the weather the last few days!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you for the award Barb! It's so kind of you to think of me. :) HUGS!

  15. Thank you sooooooooo much for this new award!! Your words bring a tear to my eye, you are sooooooo kind & WONDERFUL! How could i not go to another blog if ask, for prayer or encouragement, it is such a small part of my day and i know it may mean the world to another! HUGS to you, Barb, i am truly richer for just knowing you!! HUGS!! off to get a tissue for these watery & leaky eyes! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

  16. Well of course you know I had to sent it back girl ..hehehe

  17. Thank you so much for stopping by today. I always enjoy your little visits Wow three awards in one day how nice is that!!:)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  18. OMGosh!!! I am just reading this post Barb and CONGRATS girl!!! You SO deserve EACH and EVERY one of these awards and HOW sweet of you to to bestow one of them upon me!!! WOW! I am MOST honored and thank you VERY, VERY much!!! Huggies ....

    Hmmmm ... I've never put potato chips in my sammies, but I remember as a young girl taking them and scooping them in frozen orange juice!!! Now how is that for DIFFERENT!!! He, he ..

    Have a GORGEOUS day sweetheart!

    Linda :)


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