Wednesday, January 07, 2009

GRRR... I'm ANGY!!! (baby talk for durn mad!)

Blogger has been misbehaving and I've wasted a precious hour trying to do this post. I had prepared it yesterday and saved it in a different way than usual, and thought I could be clever and copy and paste... well anyyyyywayyyyys, after monkeying around and grinding my teeth I came to the conclusion I must redo the entire thing by hand... sigh.

I'm so very proud and excited to share the following YouTube video with you. Its our dear friend Penny playing at a venue this past year. We've been friends with Penny for many years and used to be on the Worship team with her at Church.

Even 'way back when', Penny had a dream to RECORD her music, and to take her ministry on the road. Well, lots of us like that idea, but then life and logistics seem to get in the way. Mr. Miles is a gifted musician and would love to be out there too, but his time has not come YET... But, what a blessing and delight to celebrate the rising star of a close friend. What an inspiration to each of us - that if we persist, we are able to achieve our fondest dreams.

With perseverance, diligence and, of course much prayer along the journey, Penny was named the Country Gospel Music Association's FEMALE NEW ARTIST of 2008! We could not be more proud of you!

Penny's newest CD will be available soon and you can find out more by visiting her website by clicking HERE.

We are experiencing MUCH MOISTURE here in BC, Canada! So far, its been all in the way of SNOW, and loads of it. I don't mind so much as long as its fluffy and dry. While we tend to stay a bit cooler than the coast, I think we are ALL going to have a big melt in the next few days, at least according to the weather people. Hopefully they are off the mark, it happens.

Our friend Roger, who owns alpaca, sent me this photo of his pets cowering inside their shelter out of the big snowfall the other night. THEY are not impressed with the snow, no, not at all!

I sent Roger some photos I took down by the lake - last Saturday when we had an inversion, when every branch, leaf, thing is covered with sparkling crystals. This is what he replied:

"Those are really nice photos. You have such fancy snow and ice. Up here, there is just plain old snow."

ROTFL! He lives like 3 km away, same snow Rog!

Here are some more of those photos of the inversion. Click to view larger!

The Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day website was updated yesterday and I don't know if you've had a chance to check it yet, but Zoe came up with a very clever recipe to make bacon and eggs IN toast! SUCH a neat idea. Its amazing how versatile this recipe is - just click HERE to visit, and remember if you have any questions, Zoe and Jeff are VERY GOOD at answering. Sounds like a second cookbook is being 'cooked up' as we speak. I can hardly wait!

Speaking of food sites, I found another WONDERFUL site, actually through the Artisan Bread website, a while back. Its the Baking and Books blog, (click HERE) by Ariela. I LOVE her recipes, book suggestions and great ideas. She actually gives books away EVERY month!!

Her latest blog entry is a MUST READ. Ariela, though she is a terrific and adventurous cook, has managed to LOSE weight while experimenting and baking for her blog. She's done it with no gimmicks or tools - just good common sense. I ADMIRE THIS. I mean, I'm happy and all for all the celebrities who lose weight by endorsing with companies that make a business of it, but hay, how do the rest of us who are not sponsored for FREE and given the support/food do it? Ariela's advice and techniques are something all of us can relate to.

And I'm also WAY excited about the BOOT CAMP at (click HERE) I've been a member for several years, but wandered away for a bit *wink* Thank goodness for their newsletters, they kept niggling in the background all this time. Then I checked one out around Christmas Time.

Now, this is not a 'New Years Resolution' thing for me, just the logical end to the holiday eating etc, and Mr. Miles going back to teach and things getting back to normal. When I checked out what was happening at SparkPeople I found out about the BOOT CAMP, and though I can't sign up to participate, living outside the USA, I can still follow along and participate by watching the amazing YouTube videos they are (so generously and FREE) posting. Hay, at least I'll win my old, fit body back again! LOL!

Anyways, the BOOT CAMP videos Rock! Here's the latest one:

Last, but not least, if you use a Mac and have been envious of us PC'rs being able to use the photo editing program Picasa (put out by Google) - well its now out on Beta for Macs! I love Picasa and this is a wonderful thing. Just click HERE to find out more!

If you have a moment, won't you wander over to check out my sister Nina's beautiful card site HERE and my SIL Judy's HERE? I'd love it you had the time and I'd sure be glad you did! Judy has actually posted one of my original watercolor paintings on her site *blush*

I hope you have a wonderful day - and thanks for stopping by! (oh, and I'm not angry anymore LOL!)


  1. Beautiful photos Barb, thank you so much for sharing. The watercolour posted on Judy's site is absolutely gorgeous. It is great that you are sharing the Spark People information, it is so hard to choose, eat Artisan bread or exercise..Thank you for sharing your blog today..

  2. Blogger is messing with me too - so it's not just you, and it's not personal!!!

  3. Your friend is very talented. I will have to check out her cd. I love the pics of the inverted ice. You know down here in the South, we never see things like that. Nor do we see all the snow. I love looking at others pics of their snow!

    Take care my friend!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Wow you know famous people!! She sings really good. I love country!
    The pic´s are awesome. But it looks really cold.
    Blogger is messing with you and google with me! I can not for the life of me open my reader. And don´t know how to fix it! Ahhh!
    Hope you´re having a good week!

  5. Good Morning Barb:)
    CONGRATULATIONS to your friend Penny.How cool!!!:)Praise the Lord!

    I LOVE your inverted ice pics.You always have terrific photos and I love looking at them.:)

    I am sooo glad I am not an Alpaca.brrrrr.LOL

    Okay..thanks for the video on exercise...I'm worn out just watching her.hehe

    I will have to come back to check out your links.I am babysitting Katlyn this morning and she will take up all of Jimmy and my time.Be back later...


  6. Sorry blogger ate your post. But the post i read was pretty amazing too! :D Big CONGRATS to Penny!! WOW!! that's talent!
    i LOVE your photos!BRRrr looks soo cold though!!
    The bacon, egg recipe sounds DELICIOUS! Looks YUMMY too! Thank you so very much for ALLLLLL that you share!! i LOVE visiting you! :D Hope you have an AWESOME day!

  7. Hi Barb,

    Well, you have succeeded in causing my windows bar to be full. Every paragraph in this post required a _right click - Open Link In New Tab - Now I know where the next hour of my day will be spent.

    I did watch the video of Penney. Wow, she is awesome! I went to her site, and read thru some of her lyrics. Very beautiful.

    We are currently getting that moisture you speak of.

    Have a fab day and I WILL do the same.


  8. I just love your icy pics Barb, we have not had any real snow here, although it has been darn cold!
    Tomorrow there will be a picture of something knitted from alpaca hair on my blog.. I have been setting my blog up ready for tomorrows posting, then popped over here and read your little bit on the alpacas what a coincidence!
    Your friend Penny has a beautiful voice.. I shall keep an ear out for her CD, I have a friend here that it might just suit:)

  9. Penny is awesome...must check out the Artisan Bread site the ice pictures day can me out and show me how to get great shots like that...have a great weekend...



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