Saturday, January 10, 2009

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KimB's Geometric1 Patterns

Happy Birthday Zach!

Wishing a wonderful day to my nephew, who's an avid guitar lover. I decided, since I actually now have a functioning printer, after being 1 yr without one, to do my first hybrid. I think it turned out pretty cool! The wire on the card was a string from Mr. Miles guitar - no, I didn't steal it, they needed to be changed anyways. The pick is real too. LOVE Kim's Geometric Patterns, they are ideal for these masculine/funky projects. The card is my own design (I mean the way its laid out)

Uncle Miles says he KNOWS what you will be doing today!

You'll have to slip over to Nina's (click HERE) to view the card she's made for her son, and to Judy's blog (click HERE) too, where she's got a birthday greeting too!

BIG CONGRATS are in order for my friend JanMary, from Ireland, who has just had a layout published in a real, live PAPER, sold magazine!!! I'm so proud of you, girl, I could just BUST. Way to go! Just click HERE to check it out and see what I'm talkin' about!

Prayer requests:

Please continue to pray for my friend Gina's family as her husband (thankfully) made it through very adverse flooding conditions to go for a job interview. Please pray that if this is the right job for him it will come to pass, if not for the right one, and when. Gina is a true inspiration to me as her faith only strengthens through these trying times. Click HERE to visit and leave some encouragement.

Please pray for my friend Valinda for an unnamed need within the family. I'm not at liberty to share yet as I've not the opportunity to ask if I may share. But there is a NEED and could you please prayer, and leaving an encouragement HERE would surely bring her comfort too.

Thanks for visiting today, and for all your comments, they mean A LOT!


  1. love the layout are good girl. I will make sure I get over to Nina's . My prayers are there for Valinda in whatever her family needs might be. I will look for you to chat later.

    Loves & Hugs

  2. Good Morning Barb:)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!:)Hope you have a wonderful bday!!

    Barb...Did you get a printer for Christmas??LOL I love your card!!:)Great work!
    Thank you soo much for listing the prayer requests...mine included.:)How sweet! I will pray for Gina's hubby's interview too.Times are tough..but not too tough for the Lord.!:) He knows what we need before we ask.!!:)I must keep that in mind too!!hint hint.:)
    Oh..I just wrote a poem in less than three is the draft.LOL
    The times and troubles that we have...
    Some times can make us very sad..
    While going through these trials-sore,
    It only helps us to grow more.
    Knowing our Lord is in control...
    Is abundant blessings for our soul.
    Learning to trust him through each fall...
    Will help us rise above it all. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!:)


  3. You are such a caring person, I can tell.
    The layout looks great, I hope he reads your blog!

  4. Love your new header.

    Love how you are so caring for your family and friends.

    Love that you gave me another mention (((hugs)))

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. What a cute layout! Thanks for sharing! I will visit your friends and pray for them.

    Take care my friend! may you have a blessed Sunday!

  6. YOU went HYBRID?! You DO love me you DO!!!!

    Just runnin by to say HI SweetyPuffs!

    Off to hit Ninas joint, then laying down to watch a movie. Hope your having a great weekend!

  7. Wonderful card Barb, Zach loved it. You are so talented. Thank you.

  8. I enjoyed my visit. Your blog is the place to go when you need a boost! Thanks for doing what you do :-) Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the free music! It's divine!


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