Friday, May 12, 2006


I wouldn't leave you with 1/2 a set, so I set about creating a matching teacup for you.
Well Kristin - thanks for you standing me up I actually took on two dresser drawers yesterday and took more stuff TO the thrift store than I brought home. Two out of the three items I brought home were not for myself, and one item actually never made it home at all but was delivered right to my friend Rose. Rose has long thirsted over (pun) a darling little teapot I bought some time ago and said "Hey, if you ever get tired of that..." Well Honey, that aint never going to happen because Miles actually likes it. Yesterday my eye lighted upon a most adorable little teaset made to look like a bunny rabbit. Yes, he had a mended ear, but if you know Rose, you know this will only make it more lovable to her. We met her outside of the Laundry where she spends most of her waking hours, besides DQ where another portion is spent and gave her this treasure.
The other item of interest was a v. cool ceramic set - spotted by Janice on our last visit. She was going to buy them but was short $, you know? Her plan was to track down her husband and secure the cash...however my next visit, whaddya know, there they sat. I snapped them up for her, won't she be surprized. (Annie, if you read this, you HUSH girl! - your kitchen decor was her inspiration to desire this in the first place!)
Yesterday afternoon and evening were both devoted to helping Miles. In the afternoon I helped at the Learning Centre - showing a student how to scrapbook. As she was a beginner it was intense for two hours, though she learned fast. The evening was spending time setting up and working with homeschool students - we taught them how to make movies using a program called Movie Magic. The kids did great, but we were exhausted by the end of it all.
Roasting Garlic
Next time you throw something to bake in the oven (not something sweet) simply toss a whole head of garlic onto the rack as well. After an hour take it out and let it cool. Store in an airtight container in your fridge. There are so many uses for this wonder - spread it on toasted, buttered buns, whirl it with oil and vinegar and spices or substitute the oil and vinegar with mayo for a delicious salad dressing. Add some to your mashed potatoes. It adds an awesome flavor to many dishes - tell me your ideas too!

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  1. luck girl to spend some time learning more from you the Italian set



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