Saturday, May 20, 2006


download re-posted above!
Ok, I have to warn you right off - I could not upload today to yousendit, so I was forced to use another uploading service megaupload. I would rather not, as they are tricky to use popup ads (grrr...) Most of you who have downloaded files from there in the past know how to step thru easily enough but for those you don't it can be frustrating. I promise to try to use yousendit next time if its working for me.
Ah - after a long night tossing and turning ( I dreamed my husband died, how bad is THAT! ) I awe-woke this morning to gentle music and soft rain pattering outside. Yes, I said awe-woke as I was in awe that my dream seemed so real, today feels like an awakening of my spirit and soul to appreciate all he is in my life. I can still feel the chasm, the void in my dream where he used to be there and I can tell you I don't want to be there any time soon. I know today I will cherish every moment with him - exploring every moment knowing that only God knows when it will be our last. My comfort would still be, in this situation, that he would be walking with you on that day. What would you do different today if you knew your loved one would be gone tomorrow?

We had an unexpectedly long day yesterday. We drove to the city, one hour away, to purchase a camera. We had a quote, money etc but when we arrived at the store of our choice they could not exactly accomodate us - surprizing in a large chain store that the employee did not have the means to get a large order like this approved - turning out to be a big sale loss for them... We ended up having to drive one hour further to Kelowna, but it was for the best. We ended up saving a significant amount of money. We are looking forward to using the camera, however it's probably best that its a rainy day so we can accomplish some goals first...

I hope you have a wonderful day!


saute your asperagus

Most everyone I know BOILS asperagus, but truly you miss out on so much of the flavor and goodness of it this way. With asperagus in season and reasonably priced at this time of the year, take advantage of it! To get the best flavor from your asperagus, test with your knife along the stems, from the bottom...when your knife hits a more tender spot, slice the whole bottom off the bunch, generally 2 to 3 inches. Now, cut the rest into nice 1- 2 inch slices and put in a deep non-stick frying pan with 2 tbsp butter and 2 cloves of garlic (peeled and sliced in 1/2) Saute for a few minutes until the butter starts to disappear. Add two tablespoons of water and cover for three or so mins. Remove cover, add 1/2 tsp butter and saute until tender and bright green. You can also cook the asperagus with sliced mushrooms, in this case you don't need to add liquid as the mushrooms create their own.

I think you will agree this is the perfect way to cook asperagus!


  1. The papers are great!
    Thank you very much!

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2006

    MOM you guys were in Kelowna and didnt see me??!@?

  3. nice...papers....way to go with the camera..can't wait to see the picture....


  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2006

    I just found your blog recently and I just love it.i think your tips are absolutely great.
    I've had dreams like that and they have scared me so much,so I know where your coming from,It truely does make you take the time to really realize who and what you appreciate on this earth.
    I just have to try the asparagus this way I have always boiled it with lemon juice.
    Oh and I almost forgot thank you for the papers they are awesome.

  5. Awwww girl what a horrific dream... tell mouse you love him lots! See you soon!~G

  6. AnonymousMay 21, 2006

    I just found your blog and love the tips. I don't usually have problems with downloads (even mega...) but I could not get the papers downloaded. I really "HATE" that download site! Please try again with another site so I can get these beautiful papers. I think your work is terrific! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. AnonymousMay 21, 2006

    Good morning! Sadly, the download didn,t work for me ... Valerie

  8. hello mrs m.
    i saw your gorgeous scrapbooking on CWO (and thought it's so gorgeous i'd zoom to your blog!!), and have to say that I LOVE the asparagus idea... my mouth is watering, and it's autumn here (in new zealand!!) so will have to wait a few months until asparagus appears again :o)
    bon appetit
    :o) kate xx


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