Tuesday, May 30, 2006


John 8:12
When Jesus spoke again to the people,
he said,
"I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life."
I don't have a lot of news today. I actually dragged my dear husband out of bed this morning to go to the BIG yardsale today - only to realize today is not THE FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH. Duh...guess my head has been buried in the scrapbook project I am doing for a friend. Yesterday Miles came home, took one look at me and said I was going for a nap, how bad is that? Nevertheless, the album is coming along nicely and will be worth the effort.
He laughed at me this morning when I told him that he is so handsome that when he is in a store and walks by the magazine racks the models on them run to hide 'cuz he outshines them all...
I thought I would show you one of the treasures I secured this past weekend at a yardsale. Its very unique, and even came with a story (the lady collecting money had owned it previously) Its a fish, made of metal and abalone shells and it came all the way from Spain. It can be stood up on its tail as in the picture. She said it was missing some 'scales' because her grandkids would always play with it.
Seek Help
You have a challenge. You want to help someone in an area of their life. You may have struggled with this issue yourself at one time or another, but because we are human, we may have messed up ourselves ... so how to be of help. Well, I think the very best thing to do is to keep a tab on the resources that we come across, which we have found useful.
I'm talking about those sites which, when you read carefully, you say "Oh, if only someone had explained it to me this way!!!" The one site which has really touched me is a site about Purity. After exploring the site I am confident that I can recommend it both to Moms and Dads, and it is perfect for youth groups.
How DO you tell young women in this day in age about being pure and dressing modestly?
I believe if you spend time at Dannah Gresh's PURE FREEDOM SITE you may
find some welcome help. She even has practical things like:
Q: Where can I find the Secret Keeper "Truth or Bare" Fashion Tests.
A: You can download our NEW Locker Poster which includes all of Dannah's popular fashion tests.
They even offer retreats etc... I would love to know what you think
of this site!


  1. nice looking fish hook ..the site looks interesting ....thanks for the tip and the site ....judgirl

  2. Gosh what a wonderful resource for Young Women!!! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! I have 4 boys, young at this stage but I want to teach them the other side of the deal. What to expect from a young lady, how to treat them as a lady and more. You get the drift. No son of mine will be putting a young lady through the things I went through! These resources would have been perfect for me growing up but just the same I have kept a copy of the locker chart as I thought it just may be of use sometime down the track in teaching opportunities at my church!

    I love your blog, its everything rolled into one......... terrific gifts that are very sweet, the best tips and a daily inspiration. Just right for one like me. Im tired of reading blogs that have profanity or "bitching". I have found the tips really useful too, mostly because Im not much of an accomplished homemaker and I have little time with my varying illnesses ;)Thank you for this breath of fresh air. I just wish I found you sooner that last week. There are soooo many freebies I would have loved to have downloaded, especially the bread! Its so cute!

    Ness in Aus


  3. AnonymousMay 30, 2006

    Thank you for the lantern! Glad you found something nice at the sale - the fish is really pretty!

  4. AnonymousMay 30, 2006

    Great lantern thanks


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