Sunday, May 21, 2006



As you can see, my sweet husband had a few moments to play on the computer with me last night, and he made the top element for y'all to enjoy!
I would like to share a thought with you. My thought is an evolution of snippets of conversations and things I've read and things I've seen. Its a thought about the idea of aging. I noticed on the antiques show that the most money is fetched for 'genuine' antiques...ones in their original form, complete with signs of wear. While items which have been lovingly 'restored' bring a good price, they don't compare to a well looked - after original. Many people try to imitate the idea of aging by applying a technique called 'distressing' to an item, but an antiques collector with a discerning eye will not be fooled by this.
And so it is with us as humans. Some people refuse to age natural. They invest a good deal of their time and money into looking younger. Unfortunately, by the time any ways they do this are no longer effective, they are left an empty shell, for their very selves have been consumed with looking/appearing younger and they have not learned how to enjoy the natural gifts God gave us to enjoy our elder years - gifts like wisdom and patience ... and not having to just physcially look younger than our biological years.
Now, of course I am not saying we should not take care of ourselves, after all, even a well looked after antique is worth far more than one left to the elements.
It occured to me that some famous movie stars are no longer real people ... they've sold their souls to look like someone they are they will never realize the person they were meant to be. How very sad.
Cherish the body and mind that you were given - explore what being you means - enjoy the gift God provided by making you, YOU!
I met a lovely young lady at Children's Church this morning, named Lauren, grade 6, and she is promising to share some great tips with us sometime in the near future! Wow, kids are a wealth of information too...
cereal - keep it fresh!
I imagine this tip won't be for everyone, unless you have a large fridge, but here goes... keep any opened cereal in the fridge. You will be amazed that even after a month the cereal tastes like you just opened the box! (unless you forgot to wrap the onion, stored next to it...)


  1. loved how you say grow old but with wisdom and love and remebering God loves us have grown so much....tell Miles Thanks for the pin ...


  2. AnonymousMay 22, 2006

    Very cute pin.Thanks a lot for sharing. You and your husband are both talented. Love cereals! Thanks for the tip.


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