Monday, May 15, 2006


If you are visiting my blog for the very first time you will see that I post my elements every day (that I can) using yousendit - so the links are only good for about a week at a time. I don't have time to go back and edit the links out - but if there's something you especially liked just let me know which thing in particular and email me at with your request with ELEMENT in the subject line and I will TRY my best to get it to you. Thanks for visiting my blog!
This element may not look like much in the picture but its actually very sweet. You can use it to add a magical touch to your layouts. On a darker back ground the colors become more intense. I've only added the sky and clouds in this demonstration picture to show you what it might look like - but a rainbow could mean many things! This is what a rainbow makes me think of:
Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds,
I will see it and remember
the everlasting covenant between God
and all living creatures of every kind on the earth."
Wow - what contrasts, right from Mother's Day, being pampered (I pray you were) to Monday and all the 'stuff' that needs to be done. What a wake up call! However I've honestly tried to enjoy even the drudge jobs. Its just so easy to feel resentful sometimes when you're down there cleaning the ring around the tub or something that will be the same next Monday... What I have discovered is that if I can prayerfully be grateful for the fact that I do have a bathtub, of my own, in my own place (rented actually, but nice) and I can make my bathroom look any way I desire and simply sllllowwww down and knowing I HAVE to do this mundane chore anyway, I can actually cause myself to enjoy it. Truly, the next time you do the dishes, choose to enjoy the feel of the water spilling over your hands, the squeaky clean-ness of the dishes, the warmth of the water etc... We are so often robbed of enjoying the simple things because of being rushed. Know what you are doing DOES make a difference. If you don't think so, try serving up breakfast on yesterday's plates and see what reaction you get. ha ha
My Sweet Husband, even tho we are busier than rats in a cheese factory, took time out yesterday to Celebrate Me. He made me a fabulous Italian Hot Pot which was rich and aromatic with olives, shrimp, feta cheese and tarragon. A salad and dessert wrapped it all up in a complete spoiling of me. Top it with a view second to none - we live in Osoyoos BC which has THE most stunning valley views on both sides. We drove up to the viewpoint and dined in our van while the sun dipped down below the horizon and the town lit up like jewels on velvet at our feet. *sigh*
Specatacular View of Osoyoos, BC
Middle: Miles Italian Hot Pot
Bottom: Dessert Made by My Sweet
line drying shirts
Its so much nicer to dry things outside on a line - they smell so fresh and clean! Next time you have dress shirts to dry, simply hang them wet on a plastic or plastic coated hangar, button up the top button, then hang the hangar right on the line, securing it in place with a clothespin. When its dry you can hang it straight up in the closet!


  1. Thank you for the pretty rainbow!

  2. AnonymousMay 15, 2006

    Enjoyed cruising your blog and grabed the elements. Thank you.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2006

    Enjoyed cruising your blog and picked up your freebies. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the rainbow and the verse ...glad to see you got loved on Mother's day



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