Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yesterday was hot hot hot - inspiring me to make you a nice summery feeling element. I hope you like it.
I am devoting today's blog partly to my friend Valerie. She has been doing my 'not shopping' challenge and is on her second week. This on top of the fact her little boy is going in to the hospital on friday for a hernia operation. Here's a recent email from her:
Hi Barb,

Here's the update on us :

Sent Fred to the corner store last night to buy milk ... it was safer ... ha ha ha!
Wednesday Breakfast : Kids had waffles / cereal, minigo. I had toast & yogurt & coffee and the last of the orange juice.Lunch - Since it was only Juliette and I, I had left over.
Dinner - Made a leek, carrot & potato soup, veal filet with mustard sauce & orzo with pesto.
Thursday Breakfast : Kids will have toasts or/ cereal, minigo and fruit.
Lunch - Since I will probably be at the hospital for Louis's tests for allergy ... I don't know.
Dinner - Will bake a big lasagna for Louis (one of his favorites) ... to fill up his tummy since he won't be allowed to eat for most of the day tomorrow.
As for Friday we'll have to play it by ear ... will spend the whole day at Ste-Justine for Louis surgery.
PS : Justin is going home this Saturday!
PS2 When I'll have more time, i'll give you a few tips for your Blog!
So you see...her family is eating quite well in spite of not grocery shopping! I would love to hear from more folks and I would love your tips too! My friend Gina left a comment on yesterday's entry with her take on cleaning windows - what about yours? Come on, share em with us. Here's my latest:
I recently read this tip somewhere and thought "hmmm, what a terrific idea" - if you travel, you've had to deal with your necklaces arriving - all in a knot! There is a clever solution for this, just find some nice fat drinking straws and string the necklace thru, then fasten together. See? Told you it was a good idea!

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2006

    Thank you Barb .. that melon looks very refreshing! I have to say that I am a bit nervous but we are ok! I've got a TUFF Louis! Valerie


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