Friday, May 05, 2006


This element is for my Sister In Law, Judy. I previously asked if anyone had any suggestions for my making elements and Judy responded by saying she would like to see some that could be used in a cookbook. I am open (though I cannot promise) to consider all ideas! You can always email me at and be sure to put ELEMENT IDEA in the subject line.
I had a most enjoyable day yesterday with my friend Rose. She gave me a call out of the blue on Wednesday evening and we made and impromptu date for Thursday. She thought there was a new consignment store in town we might check out, and there was also a farewell luncheon for a fellow artist at the Golf and Country Club at noon. We managed both, and more. The consignment store turned out to be a chic little boutique - one sleeveless cotton eyelet blouse going for $105 - I would never wear it for fear, besiding the fact my entire wardrobe probably cost that much. Besides Rose being uncomfortably sensative to the overpowering scents in there, our visit lasted less than 5 minutes.
We ended up next back at the thrift store - I of course had been just yesterday. I always think in this instance, what could I possibly have missed? However, the ladies are always recieving and displaying new stuff - an amazing amount of stuff every day. I ended up with a nice little shelf that is just PERFECT for my shoes (thats what I did upon waking this morning) and a little red T, and an older Canon 35mm Camera with case, with macro lens for $5. This was a bit of a gamble that the lens may eventually be interchangable with a future SLR digital - but if not, we can sell the lens and keep the case and we are still ahead of the deal. Rose bought several nice golf shirts for her brother in law as well.
Today's hint is courtesy of Rose:
A tip for today-A Boot Tree.....If you don't want your boots to be wrinklle or fall over. Use 1 liter soda bottle, stuff it into your boot. For added strength , cover the bottle with a couple of old socks or a towel.
I wonder if you all would mind today to pray for my friend Valerie and her family as her little boy Louis is going into surgery for a hernia. You all have a wonderful weekend. We have a pretty busy schedule lined up so I'm not sure if I will have an opportunity to blog over the next few days. I will have lots to blog on Monday!


  1. Thanks Barb for the spoon will look good with recipe of something good to you sis Judy

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2006

    Thank you Barb,
    Good "tuff" Louis is all back. Will do to the grocery store Sunday afternoon .. my fridge being too sad & lonely Valerie :)


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