Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sunless Saturday - January 10

Twas rather a gloom-gloomy day here in Abbotsford.  Not really rainy, but rather a perpetual light misting bordering on drops.   Enough to make me keep my umbrella up so that my hair didn't frazzle up and shelter the rest of me from a pressing dampness.  One thing for sure, when the weather is like this you just have to keep moving or it will getcha thinking you have to stay indoors.  Dangerous thinking, that - one can easily get cabin fever! 

And so I admire these like-minded folk who don't allow the inclement weather to dictate whether one goes out or stays in.  I notice there are always plenty of people taking advantage of the wonderful recreational spaces available in the area.  I especially note many of the Indo-Canadian community come out faithfully.  

Personally, I find the initial getting out the door does not come easy but after I get moving and get about 15 minutes into a walk, the world looks and feels like home.  Even a damp day has a beauty of its own.  After all, we could be dealing with dumps of snow like so much of Eastern Canada and the USA!  

Remember to embrace life like a child.  When we were little and it was raining didn't we love to jump in puddles?  Carry an umbrella?  We looked at it all like an adventure.  It doesn't have to change.  The next time it rains crack out your umbrella.  Better yet, next time you buy a new one, buy a nice one, a fun one that is compact and fits in your purse or pocket and has a pretty pattern and bright colors on it.  Be sure to look for the beauty in your wet world.  Use your camera to capture the magical moments you experience along the way.  

And when you have conquered the weather, reward yourself with a nice hot deep bath.  

How do you make a rainy day enjoyable? 

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  1. Great photos and blog, Barb!

    I really love the soccer field. So green! And your next blog was really a special reminder of childhood and all the little pleasures kids find in little things. Terrific!


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