Tuesday, January 20, 2015

365 Photo of the Day - FROST

Today's theme - FROST

I'm loving this 365 challenge to myself, it's causing me to view each day through the lens of my camera (or iphone) and capturing something I feel is worth sharing with you.  

This morning we were greeted with a hoar frost and fog.  It makes almost everything look special by coating it all with a fuzzy frost... sort of like flocking. If you get up really close to this frost it adheres to each surface with a furry layer, almost silvery.  

I've been wanting to capture this tiny nest cradled in the low branches of a sumac tree for a bit now.  I've gone past it many times but today made it even more interesting.  

After the soft wooly closeness of this morning's fog, it was beautiful to watch it melt away in the early afternoon and reveal the world beyond the grey.  My husband and I took the opportunity to go for a long, long walk in the warmth while it lasted. 

I hope your day was nice too.  


  1. I Love that you are sharing your photos with me.:) That way I get to share your walks too!!

  2. You take the most stunning image sis. I love that you share with us.


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