Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 365 Photo of the Day - West Coast Bats

Like an injured or dying bat, I see discarded umbrellas everywhere here in Abbotsford.  They litter roadsides, abandoned with their skin stretched into contortions, often turned completely inside out.  

I wonder what possessed people to just toss them aside.  I just don't get it - especially when this usually occurs within a block of a trash can.  

I wonder there isn't a person who could roam the streets and rescue them.  

I've come to appreciate the value of a good umbrella.  They're definitely not made equal.  The deciding factors to a quality umbrella lies in better grade material, sturdier supports inside and a handle made out of fine calibre wood, metal or plastic.  If I purchase one in the future (its on my wish list) I will choose one that is compact so it can go anywhere with me.  It will be bright and bold.  It will be highly wind-resistant.  

Do you have an umbrella?  Do you prefer one which folds up easily or are you the sort who likes a full length one which can double as a weapon to bash intruders over the head? 

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