Friday, January 23, 2015

365 Photo of the Day - Frozen Fountain (for Jan 22)

I pass by this fountain near Pioneer Walkway here in Osoyoos BC fairly often and though its always interesting to watch I especially like how it looks when it freezes and its a terrific subject for photos.  

It appears this ice was formed at a time when there was wind because obviously much water was thrown over to the side beyond the perimeter and it formed some very odd looking nodules.  I like how ice crystals sifted over and filled up crevices.  Ice in two completely unique forms - the soft rounded bits opposed to the crunchy flaky shards. 

This area really makes me think of some of the national parks we have visited. I'm not sure whether my mind is marrying the shape of these formations to stalagmites or perhaps I'm thinking of formations caused by hot springs or geysers.  Some of the ones we saw had layers like this.  

And just how cool is this?  I can only deduct the wind was steady in the direction of these icicles.  

Hope you enjoyed these fun frozen fotos!


  1. wow what great pictures are so talented....thanks for sharing them

  2. Stunning images but oh so chilly looking.


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