Wednesday, January 28, 2015

365 Photo of the Day – Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire_Barb Derksen

As I walk

Is it a hawk?

I think not – I think rather

An eagle perhaps.

I like to walk.  The solitude.  There’s nothing like getting into a good lively rhythmic pace – in “The Zone” where my legs clip along all by themselves while my brain “defrags” and sets my inner self into order.  Being outside in the fresh air is a balm no matter what’s going on. I am forced to ponder on things and to be alone with my thoughts.  That’s sometimes scary in this world we live in.  Its easier to entertain ourselves than spend time in reflection.  And its especially hard to validate the gift of time to take a walk, to count it as something of value when there are so many pressing needs.  And yet, I find that when I invest in staying fit and just kicking myself out the door I’m always rewarded. 

Best of all – when I do this I take time to notice and appreciate God’s amazing miracles.  I come home at peace and in awe. 

Do you like to walk?  What do you see on your walks? 

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