Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Zzzzzzzzz in your ear - my Mosquito FREEBIE collaboration with Create with TLC !

I’ve been thinking up all sorts of fun files to create lately and I’ve been joined by Paulette from Create With TLC!  I’ve been a fan of Create with TLC for quite some time and I’m beyond excited to be able to bring these next two (yes, another coming on Friday)  fun graphics and word arts. 


Lush green crops in our little valley of heaven!

It has been a particularly moist summer for the area I live in - we are called “Canada’s only Pocket Desert” and generally by this time of year our hills are the color of shredded wheat and just as dry. (the crops are always green due to irrigation)  However, we’ve been enjoying periodic days of sudden rains and thunderstorms.  There is a blessing in this as our evenings the temperature plunges down to a nice and comfortable level which is a good balm rather than the hot and sticky roll round in the sheets all nights.  But along with the moist and cooler temps comes those pesky mosquitoes.  The ones we are seeing this year are a light and lemony color.  I asked around to a few people and the best response I got that made sense is that they have had a quicker than usual incubation and therefore are not totally colored up.  Now I could be completely wrong but I’m happy with that thought in my head so I’ll go with it.

When one faces adversities one must find the brighter side and so for me its to make a funny greeting card with a zzzzz theme.  I chanced asking Paulette if she might join me and she made this super funny wordart to go with it and its PERFECT!



Designer Paper - Indie Chic Ginger “Directions” Brocade Paper by My Mind’s Eye

Word Art - Create with TLC (click on this link to take you to her blog and download)

Mosquito - Mosquito cut and PNG by Barb Derksen

I wanted the fun word art and fun Mosquito to say it all so I chose a monotone background and popped the word art with a red ring (says BLOOD, right? haha)



.studio cut files and also all layers of PNG

Personal Use

WORD ART freebie - Create with TLC

I”m in AWE of my Silhouette SD - this mosquito measures about 2.75 inches wide, thus these legs are as thin as a piece of crochet thread.  My Silouette has absolutely no problems with cutting this thin and intricate.  I also added a teensy tiny gem for the eye. 

Here’s something to ponder on for today:

Three Days



Like mintage spent, is past recall;

It’s echo dimmed beyond time’s wall.



It never promised earthly man,

Nor does it often fit to plan.



Is gold that covers hill and dell,

And rich are they who use it well.


~ Pearl Phillips


Hebrews 13:5

(God’s Word Translation)


 Don’t love money.

Be happy with what you have

because God has said,

“I will never abandon you or leave you.”


I’d like to mention my friend Janice today - she’s always a sparkle on my horizon.  She  always sees the bright side of life, even at times when she felt cut adrift and life was pretty mundane, she’s always made me smile with her outlook on everything.  She’s bursting with a trillion creative ideas (even more than me!!!) and I’m betting we are all going to see her do something creative and BIG in the future.  Won’t you take a moment out of your day to check out Janice’s blog?  (you’ll come away smiling, I’m sure!)


  1. Fantastic card Barb, I feel blessed that I got to see a little of your process as you designed this little blood sucker to actually seeing you create with it too. I love the sentiment!!

  2. I love your card~! and it was very fun collaborating with you.

  3. Such a cute card! It gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. wow girl you are talented ...a is so cute on your card. Love your verses. Have a great ya.


  5. awww, thanks for the kind words, Friend! You are always the sparkly diamond in my day also- talk to you soon! Love the mosquito card by the way, I'm sure poor James could empathize today, he has a humdinger of a bite on his arm. Thank God for Watkins' Bite Balm hahaha ;)
    Hugs bigger than inflamed bug bites,

  6. Yuck! I do not like mosquitoes but your card is so funny (it sure made me laugh and think about how nice this would be if we had such fat sucking creatures...LOL. I have to have it.Thank you Barb for you sweet shares.

  7. the card...Paulette directed me to your blog and I'm so glad! :)

  8. LOVE the card and the WA from Paulette! Thank you for sharing! I am on Paulette's DT and she told me about your image!! How fun is that!

  9. What a wonderful card! And Paulette's saying to go with it ~ too funny! Thanks for sharing from your little "pocket desert!" P.S. If you could only see all the bites I have on my arms and legs ~ mosquitos love us here in Florida . . . ha, ha

  10. Love your card, and thank you for the wonderful things to go with Paulette's word art.

  11. Thank you! :)

  12. If only!! We'd be farming those critters if they sucked fat.

  13. I saw this over on TLC and loved it :-) The humour in your card is fabulous. Thanks ofr the file and the poem and corresponding scripture.

  14. Oh, if only it were so! Love the card, Barb. By the way, I'm glad mosquitos aren't that big. Well, if they were sucking fat, maybe I would wish them larger.

    Beautiful view of your valley. Thank you for sharing it and your mosquito.

  15. I love this card, it will strike a chord with many of my friends, as we are always trying to 'lose a few lbs'! Thank you for sharing xx

  16. Love that mosquito, and that is the first time I have ever said OR heard that! Thank you.

  17. FUNNY card Barb!!:) If mosquitoes sucked fat and you itched from could get your exercise too from scratching.LOL I am sure you could make a profit harvesting mosquitoes if it helped to lose weight.Some people will try ANYTHING.hehe Seriously though..I have tried Avon's Skin So Soft and it will usually keep bugs at bay.

    Thanks so much for sharing your mosquito with me. I think.LOL


  18. I am a mosquito magnet, so how I wish this was true.:o) Thank you. I have never done it, but I hope to change it to a svg file.

  19. Thank you for the freebie! Not a big of insects of any kind but your card is super fun! Thanks again! :)


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