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Word Art Wednesday 42 Card & 12 Petal Flower FREEBIE for YOU!


Thanks for all of you who have donated to my blog to date (donate button in the sidebar right of my blog writing here) it really helps.  It took me an entire day to create and save and demo the files I’m giving you today.  I’m teaching myself Inkscape and am pretty proud to say I learned how to save the files to dxf format as well - this is a format which should work on some of your cutting machines that I have not covered just yet. Silhouette software is compatible with dxf.   Please let me know if I am missing any conversions - your donations are employing me to learn more so I can therefore give away more files to YOU!  I appreciate your input and suggestions of files you would like me to attempt and also what formats to save into.


I’m glad to be taking part in this week’s challenge - Word Art Wednesday #42  This week’s theme is JOY!   If you’d like to join in, this particular challenge is based on Psalm 73:21 and you can download the free word art for your project at the blog site.

This is my interpretation in card form!



Word Art - Word Art Wednesday

Flower Cut and Template - Barb Derksen (me haha!)

I wanted to make this card bold and colorful and fun because this is a very happy scripture.   I had picked up a package of small blocks of tissue paper from a Dollar Store and was itching to use them and this project turned out to be a perfect fit.  I designed a card face (quarter fold card) and cut the template.


Next I penciled in a general area where the flower and stem would be positioned onto the the card base.  I brushed some glue all over this area and then I began laying in bits of Tissue, scrunching them up for good texture.  I hovered the template over top to be sure it matched the cut out and once I was happy with it I added double sided foam tape to the back of the template and glued it onto the card face!



I added in a little gem in the center to “finish” this pretty flower. 


I couldn't help but try a second version of a card using a slightly different technique and also some beads I bought at the Dollar Store as well.


Word Art: Create With TLC

This photo really does not do my card justice - its really eye-catching!  Here is how I created this version:



Once again I gathered a blank card base and the cut face for my 12 Petal Flower.  Next I simply laid strips of double sided tape over the general area where the flower will appear.  Next I added double sided adhesive tape to the back of the template and then affixed it to the base. 


I laid the card on top of a coffee filter (a nifty trick my sister showed me - it catches all the beads left over and is easy to fold and funnel the strays back into their teeny jar)  and then I shielded the flower stem with a piece of black cardstock because I don’t want the pink beads to adhere to the stem part.  Once I had the petal part done and all cleaned up then I placed the cardstock over the petal part and filled in the stem and leaves with the green beads. 

Note - when I created this file you see a line section in the middle of the leaf - this does not show up in the template because I did not join it to the leaf shape.  Next time I think I’d do two versions.


The finishing touch to this card is a pearl accent with pastel colors accenting it.  I may wind up brushing the beads with a light coat of clear nail polish (being very careful not to get close to the outside edges of the petals so I don’t mess it up) but just so the beads are really secure. 

1-pen flower

And finally, I created one last look on this flower by creating a dotted pattern in the petals and then using the (drawing) pens in my Silhouette SD.  I am amazed at how well my machines draws out the most tiny of details. This one is sttill a work in progress - I ‘penned’ the flower and petals and then enhanced them a bit using watercolor pencils.  I will add this sentiment on the side and add some sort of ribbon to it. 

Barb Derksen’s 12 Petal Flower


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  1. Hi Barbara! This is SO cool and I appreciate that you have chosen to share it with us in this week's challenge at Word Art Wednesday. It's always so good to see your pretty ideas.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesdsay

  2. Oh wow -- I love these! My favorite is the tissue paper one -- so creative and pretty!

  3. Gorgeous cards and file Barbara, thank you so much! I am Pinning this too!

  4. Wow, this is just stunning! Love how it turns out with different materials! Thanks so much for showing how you've made them!

    Thanks so much for sharing your art with us on WAW.

    Have a blessed day!


  5. What a super technique!! That turned out awesome. Beautiful!

  6. LOVE these!!! Thank you :D

    Sorry for being so slow... but I'm not clear on how you did the beads. I see that you've used double sided tape in the general area, but how did you create the 'cleaned up version'?

    This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it :D xoxo

  7. Very nice cards sis, I am not sure which one is my fav as I like them all.

  8. I'm a few years late to seeing this card but love it, especially with the tissue paper. Is the free svg available somewhere, the Get.It site won't share it. Thank you!


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