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Winter in Summer - festive card FREEBIE collab with Kelly!

I’m posting for both ends of the year today.  I challenged Kelly to make a Christmas themed project with the thought we might post together (this was a while back) and she agreed.  So here be we.

Kelly’s Card


This is Kelly’s wonderful card  and cut she’s giving to YOU today!  I think it’s so clever how she made snowflake cut which attaches to the face.  Isn’t it funny that we both had created our designs before we connected and they turned out to be right on same idea? 

Be sure to hop over to Kelly’s blog to view and download.  Be sure to leave some comment ♥ for her kindness. 


Its fun to create on my own, but its extra especial to work on a project with a friend.  Friendship is what makes the world go round!

So long as we love, we serve.

So long as we are loved by others

I would almost say we are indispensable;

and no man is useless while he has a friend.

- Robert Louis Stevenson


My Card

And here’s the card I designed:




I created this card in three two pieces - the actual card and then an extra circle which will be what you put on the face of the front.  Do you notice the little “tab” on the right hand side of the card?  This has a bit of double sided tape on the outside, so that it can stick the card together from the inside.  This way a person could hang the card as an actual ornament on the tree each year.  Another nice touch would be if you cut a photo of your family in a circle too and fit it inside the card on the left hand side, opposite the greeting on the right. 



I cut this snowflake out - I believe I purchased it in the Silhouette online store and embossed it (and the top of the card where it hangs) with silver embossing powder before affixing a silver gem to finish this project off.  Add a nice metallic fleck cord and it’s ready to bedeck a very special tree this year!  I’m betting this is a card which will be packed away and brought out each and every Christmas!

I’m offering my Ornament Card as both a .studio cut for your Silhouette SD as well as in PNG format for you digi-scrappers.  


Would you consider making a dollar donation at some point?  I am exploring some options on how to sell my cuts but would rather keep them free here.  Clicking the donate button (sidebar, right) will enable me to just this and keep my time free to offer freebies here on a regular basis.  Thank you!




Personal Use


Living here in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, we’re blessed with bountiful and plenteous fruit right at our back door and it inspires me to make up the most tasty (and odd, some might say) recipes.   You can learn more about our valley and the healthy and mouth-watering fruits grown here (and very interesting history as well) by visiting our very own BC Tree Fruits website! 

1-Amazing Apricot_Barb Derksen

Right  now APRICOTS are in full swing.  If you were lucky enough to be here right now you’d see these guys smiling back at you from the trees every time you walk past! 

Free Kid’s Coloring Page

I’ve made a free downloadable coloring page for your child, something to keep your little one happy while you experiment with my recipe.  Just right click and “save as” to download this full page graphic:

amazing apricot coloring page


Delicious Summer Recipe

I actually had my blog post made entirely up (and was sooo proud of myself) but it got eaten by the Blog Monster or something (or I simply forgot to hit SAVE as a draft…)  I’m scrambling to re-create a recipe I recently whipped up - here ‘tis! 

1-apricot ordurve4

No-Bake Sunny Apricot Bites





Jello Powder

Cream Cheese

Greek Yogurt or Whipped Cream

Lemon Zest


1-apricot ordurve1



Zip Lock bag



Wash fruit and split open.  Lay rounded side down on serving tray.   You’ll have to gauge your amounts of ingredients upon how many snacks you are making.  If you’re making just a few, say 6, I’d measure the cream cheese at 1/4 cup, Jello Powder at a tablespoon or so, GY or Whip Cream at the same as the cream cheese, less if it’s the yogurt.  (make sure you whip your cream stiff!)

1-apricot ordurve2

Whip cream if using.  You can decide if you want to use any sweetener or sugar in your whip cream or yogurt, remember the jello powder is pretty sweet to start.  Place cream cheese into the zip lock bag.  Add the jello powder and SMOOSH it together.

1-apricot ordurve3

Pipe into Apricot halves and then garnish with freshly zested lemon peel!


Have a great weekend,


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  1. This was lots of fun! I'm going to print out some of those apricot pages for my kids, who are constantly asking for coloring pages, and then go have breakfast because you've made me very hungry! Thanks so much for suggesting the challenge. You're the best!

  2. Fabulous ornament card sis, the DP is a perfect background for that elegant snowflake. Thanks for the recipe, I just might have to try it :)

  3. I enjoy all of your files that you share. You have lots of talent and wish I could do just a tiny bit of what you are able to make.

    I sent a donation.


  4. Thanks for the ornament card file. It will be perfect with a photo of me inside for my grandchildren. I think the snowflake you used on the outside was a freebie. I love the embossing.

    Your mention of apricots reminded me of the year my sister and I went out U-picking apricots. We were having so much fun we didn't realize how many cots we had picked until time to pay. LOL! We were short on money but the owner was nice and let us have all the cots. He said our laughter was payment enough. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  5. Good morning Barb:)
    I LOVE your snowflake ornament/card!! What a COOL idea.:)Thank you so much for sharing the cutting files and telling us how you did it!! I will have to try this one soon, I have been thinking it's time to start preparing for the Holidays again. WOW!! Time flies.:)
    My Grand kids will LOVE your coloring page. HOW CUTE!Thank you so much for sharing! I also LOVE how you put that smile on the apricot on your photo.They must have seen you coming.:)
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend my friend!


  6. awesome card Barb ...and that recipe ...sounds so yummieeeee
    yes I will have to do a couple of those coloring pages for the grand kids ...maybe I will blog their colored papes ...thanks for sharing ...


  7. Thank you for the file, I had a tough time finding the donate button. I had to scroll your pages 3 times to find it. (I'm not complaining, just saying some people might not find it) Your cards and files are awesome.


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