Thursday, August 23, 2012

Need a JOLT of JAVA? Element and Word Art FREEBIE for you!



Today’s freebie is one I created for Diane who would like to make a coffee themed card.

I am a coffee addict myself I freely admit so this was a fun project for me.  I created two versions of cards so that I could use some of Paulette’s (Create With TLC) fun Word Art from her store.  (and check out her blog for some wonderful freebies as well!) Thanks for all of you who have donated to my blog to date (donate button in the sidebar right of my blog writing here) it really helps.  It took me an entire day to create and save and demo the files I’m giving you today.  I’m teaching myself Inkscape and am pretty proud to say I learned how to save the files to dxf format as well - this is a format which should work on some of your cutting machines that I have not covered just yet. Silhouette software is compatible with dxf.   Please let me know if I am missing any conversions - your donations are employing me to learn more so I can therefore I need your input and suggestions of files you would like me to attempt and also what formats to save into! 

I made two versions of cards:




Designer Paper - “Candy” Snowy Day Collection,

Jewel Glitter Ritz in Java Bean

Stampendous Embossing Powder in Detail Black

Stickles Xmas Red

Glossy Accents

Ribbon - Satin Ribbon by Details & Accessories

Printed Word Art - Coffee Anyone Set - Create With TLC Shop

Coffee Beans - FREEBIE by Barb Derksen


I created the beans in two layers, so that when glued together, and even if you should just stamp them they will have some shape to them.  I added Glossy Accents on top do give them a gloss - after stamping them.  The chalk ink I used resisted a bit so they have a bit of a speckled look but I think its ok. 



I cut the word art, used the wide end of my TomBow Multi glue to coat and then sparkled it up with Glitter Ritz. 






Formats: PNG, dxf and .studio

Personal Use

d ♥ d


photo (2)


Thanks to Betty Dish and Booster Juice for this nice little prize package I received in the mail!  My lips are smackin’ already - my Mr. says the glosses are nummy  Smile


d ♥ d


I’ve lost a dear friend lately - a wonderful and inspiration woman from my church family - Kaye. 


She was a true prayer warrior and an encourager too.  She always had a smile and her personality out sparkled her glittery attire (she was always dressed so lovely)  In fact, Kaye never used a computer at all but she was SO excited when I told her about the blog I had going for our church - really, she had absolutely no idea what a blog was but she wanted to contribute and often provided her original poetry for my posts.  I will miss her greatly. 

I was delighted to find I’d recorded her a bit in the past and was  able to share her testimony at her service recently.  Hearing her voice, hearing her message had a great impact - for her words brought a smile and delighted our hearts and gave us hope.  I’d like to share them with you today - and then I will also add a poem I read that I think Kaye would have liked - as it brings me comfort thinking of her in Heaven!


Press the blue PLAY button on the left


I wonder if the world is full

Of other secrets beautiful,

As little guessed, as hard to see,

As this sweet, starry mystery?

Do angels veil themselves in space,

Do white wings flash as spirits go

On heavenly errands to and fro,

While we, down-looking, never guess

How near our lives they crowd and press?

If so, at life’s set we may see

Into the dusk steal noiselessly

Sweet faces that we used to know,

Dear eyes like stars that softly glow,

Dear hands stretched out to point the way -

And deem the night more fair than day.


d ♥ d


Just some photos I’ve taken recently and would like to treat your eyes to.



I watched this bird hover almost in the exact spot in the wind this morning.  It stayed like this for at least five minutes.



The boldness of this heart shaped leaf on a common garden flower caught my (macro seeking) eye.


May you have a wonderful week!


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  1. Wow Barbara, these are beautiful and they look so real! Thank you so much, I can't wait to play with them. Your cards are beautiful, I love the speckled effect it makes them look more real I think! I am sorry for the loss of your dear Sister in Christ. Her testimony was beautiful to listen to and I am sure it brings back many treasured memories for you. Thank you again for the wonderful beans! ~Diane

  2. You are such a great photographer! Cool pics.
    So sorry about the loss of your friend. I think it's so great you could still play that recording of her. I'm sure it brought her closer to your hearts.

  3. Wondeful cards Barb, nice cutouts. Lovely photography, it is nice to see you finally got your prize package. Sorry you lost a friend :( Love Ya..


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