Sunday, August 12, 2012

New FREEBIE - “Get Snippy” scissors & encouragement!

I am a little groggy here this morning because I was up late last night - till 1:30 a.m. watching the Persied meteor showers in our night sky.  My Mr was fast asleep so I dragged my lawn chair out - perfect because it reclines fully - and I gazed up into the diamond-strewn velvet and was struck by the wonder of God’s creation. 
He determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.
Psalm 147:4

I had my iphone tuned into a soft music station and would’nt you know the very first song which played was a love song and stars, followed by several others.  Has this ever happened to you, that you were doing something or at a certain place and things or events about you showed up in a song or book?

One time, my husband and I were driving on vacation in the USA and I was reading out of a vintage (randomly purchased) book and I was reading to him as he manned the helm.  The story were were enjoying was unfolding in the very places mentioned in the story!
I want to start this post of with a thank YOU to everyone for your comments and encouragement to me and of course to those of you who have been moved to donate here.

See, I have a dream.  I’m standing on my faith that I live in a world where it’s still possible to use my  talents to bless others and be covered financially.  I know I won’t be ‘rich’ but my life is enriched!

I’m confident I  don’t have to buy into going out to do work which does not employ the gifts I’ve been given and I love to use. I am certain that if I have the patience to wait I will be glad I did.  Sometimes I get a little discouraged - who doesn’t?  Sometimes a ‘real’ job looks awfully appealing for the monetary aspect only, then I will have a day where I’m creating up a storm and I am so glad I am able to have a choice to be here, giving to you.  Some never get this choice.

And I thank you if you’ve donated.  Somewhere ‘out there’ is someone who really doesn’t have the money to purchase designs, we all started somewhere!  YOUR contribution allows me to make my I love knowing we are partnering in this!  Let’s keep the graphics FREE here.

I love to share what YOU make using my free files and I am soooooooooooooooo excited to show you the awe inspiring card Ligaya created using my Heart Flourish file!  She is obviously and advanced user and she incorporated some text with the flourish for the greeting inside.  She has (and leave some comment ♥ too!)

I have such a fun file today.  I wanted to make a card for a friend who is a hairdresser, as a gift.  It did not take long for me to be inspired to make the following graphic and cut!




Designer Paper - Little Black Dress
Eyelets - Recollections 1/8 inch
Embossing Powder - Silver Tinsel and clear


I had such fun with these scissors!  I embossed them which made them nice and stiff - and once I added the eyelet they became ‘workable’  I’m including files with the holes ready to go and some plain ones as well.


Of course I had to make a second version of this card… just for fun!
Barb Derksen’s Get Snippy Element
files available - .studio, PNG, SVG
Personal Use (or contact me for a one-time small fee for Commercial Use)
Here’s a little poem I came across and thought might be nice for someone here today:
You’re man and wife?
Because life’s tough
You might be cross or sad -
Or even snap a little bit
When things get very bad.
The roof may fall in, but no doubt
The two of you will not fall out!

And if you do snap … which we all do once in a while - well, put a 'reserve’ on my “Sorry I was SNIPPY card” haha!

With this, I’m going to leave you with this super syrupy sappy lovely video to melt your heart and perhaps inspire YOU to do something nice for your Mr or Mrs today:


La Cachette from spiritclips on GodTube.

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  1. Thank you for the freebie and for the lovely video. A reminder to do something nice for our other half is always appropriate!

  2. love your wedding card. flourishes are my fav.

  3. Fabulous cards sis, the scissors you created are fantastic. I love how you embossed them to give them the silver finish. The papers you chose are a perfect match for the element.

  4. Thank yo Barb for another nice cutting file. I want to make something with the great clam you shared and now I'll have to add this to the list. This is a nice one to have.

    The wedding card is gorgeous! I looked at it over and over.

    Thanks for sharing all that you share. xxx - Debbie


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