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I make the Mojo Card and YOU get the Baby Buggy FREEBIE!


My friend Janice is hosting a baby shower for another friend today and I scrambled to create a baby card yesterday morning.  I wanted to tie it in with the Mojo Monday challenge as well.  Janice always comes up with the coolest ideas and she’s chosen an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Right… my card has nothing  to do with Alice or the Hatter, but it does manage to fit the Mojo challenge. 

Mojo Monday 256

Ah, I really struggle with round cards.  I find them amazing when other people make them but they fall over for me.  Really - even if I make the thing at the back to anchor it - and I know I know it could be put in a plate stand but then I have to make sure to give it to someone who has one if it’s a mailing card rather than a giving card. 

So I stuck with square.



Designer Paper - Peekaboo Little Darlings Collection Graphic 45

Inks - ColorBox 

Paints - niji Pearlescent

Embellishments - Dollar Store

Baby Buggy - Barb Derksen

Oh how I struggled with this card.  I reworked it so much I’m surprised the bits stay on it. I decided to create a border with ink rather than layer more paper behind the base - I trimmed a piece of scrap paper and then used it to mask out the middle, then stamped all the way around. 

I fiddled and FIDDLED with all the ‘ribbons’ and though the placement is not exactly like the sketch this is what worked for me.  I embossed the big blue ribbon to differentiate it from the other two.  I cut my Baby Buggy and backing. I wrote the greeting on with a black Gelly Roll.  Then I fixed the buggy to the card using double sided tape.

I said “YUCK”

Something was missing and I wanted to toss it out the window.  I pouted and then walked away for a bit.  When I came back I decided to jazz it up a bit with my trusty Pearlescent paints as they are so handy.   Worked - choosing a slightly darker shade of pink I enhanced the edges of the buggy.  I’m happy with it in the end. 




My handwriting is NOT the best, so I have also tossed a nice “baby girl” and “baby boy” sentiment which is MUCH smoother - and you can fit it onto your card where you like as well. 


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We love to eat pizza in our household.  I’ve been making the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day bread for years now and it makes making pizza a snap.  If you’ve never heard of this bread or need a refresher you can watch the Youtube Video HERE.  I’ve shown probably well over a hundred people how to make this bread.  I’ve shared the recipe with people who’ve never made bread (lots of guys even!) and people who’ve made bread all their lives - all are astounded. 

For pizza, I make a 1/2 recipe and then  I just smooth it out on a well (Olive) oiled pizza pan or cookie sheet.  I add a little extra oil on the top after its smoothed because this makes a good barrier between your dough and sauce, you never end up with soggy crust syndrome.  I also cut strips of cheese and fold it into the edges all the way around.  Once all the toppings are on I bake it at 400 for 20 - 30 minutes.  (this is different than the instructions for baking in the video) 

At any rate, I love to experiment and so this time I wanted to bring some local flair to the pizza.  When I shared my thoughts with my Mr. he was horrified and so we came to a compromise.


It’s a “his & hers”!


His is the left side, mine the right.  His is all out Italian.  With a rich tomatoe base he starts piling on the meats.  I’ve begun mine with a definite Indo flair - I mixed some mayo with a touch of mustard and curry powder to taste (this makes a super-delicious dip for chicken fingers too, in a pinch) 


His side now sports mushrooms while mine has some orchard happening with some firm and fresh nectarine and peach chunks.  Next comes snipped green onion, red peppers and browned hot Italian sausage. 


His side now looks like an Italian flag with red peppers, bright green basil and its dotted with olives. I’m ahead with the cheese.


Oh Oh - he’s trying to locate the little bitty eensy piece of peach or nectarine which may or may not have landed on “his side”


It baked up delicious looking in the end though there was no tempting him to sample off of my region.  More for me I say  Smile





its ALL good


Jack Sprat could eat no fat

His wife could eat no lean

And so between them both, you see -

They licked the platter clean!


Have a terrific week!


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  1. Sweet card Barbara, and those pizzas look amazing. I will have to watch the video when I can get near the computer with sound.

  2. your card is precious, I luv the buggy....luvin the his and hers pizza, we are big pizza couple too and have different tastes, this is a great idea....hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Love the His and Hers Pizzas. I think I'd have liked a piece of both. Hmmm ... maybe I should have pizza for supper tonight ... if I get some dough on right this instant!

  4. awww, I'm gonna try a HIS & HERS pizza with my man soon too! Love love love! While your half looks absolutely FANTASTICALLY DELICOUS with all the luscious colors, ummmm.... I'm gonna have to go with Miles' choice on this one. hahaha! (I'll blame it on the 1/100th ounce of Italian blood in me?? haha) BUT I will say I would have at least TRIED a peice of yours - it would be my "something new" for the week!
    Loves, xo. -J

  5. ROFL!!!!!!! His & Her pizza is so me & my hubbie! LOL
    Both look DELICIOUS! I'll definitely check out the you tube on how to make it.

    My first impression of your card was wow! What a cute card. I noticed the little baby face peeking out and the buggy is awesome. I do admit I like the darker pink around the edges-but that's the shabby chic in me-LOL

    I hope you'll play in our Perfect Sentiment challenge that I'm on.
    See you soon!

  6. Good evening Barb:)
    WOW!! It will take me a week or more to catch up on your blog and ALL the COOL things you have posted!!:) I LOVE your cards and THANK YOU so much for sharing your AWESOME cutting files with me too!
    I also LOVE your his and hers pizza idea too. Jim and I actually share the same taste in our pizza...but it sure would be interesting to try something new.:)
    I'll be back!!:)

    Love and hugs,

  7. Hi Barb~ I was looking for a place to leave a comment on your baby buggy card and came down here ;) I think you did a super job on it! So glad you didn't abandon it, though I know the feeling! Saw your fabulous pizza post!! My hubbies the one who does the 5 minute bread in our house~ have to give the pizza a try next time we're in the mood! Thanks for the wonderful tips!!!!!

  8. Hi there Barb, I had to pop in and take a peek at that adorable shower card and say hello. After I got here I was pleased to see one of my favorite foods. I love home made pizza. The way you make yours would be perfect for hubby and I. He likes some weird stuff on his pizza and I'm the basic pizza gal. Thank you for sharing the pizza and that lovely card.

    Big hugs,

  9. yummmmieee...those pizza's look so good. Love your baby card ...and I bet she did to. Sorry have not been around ....babysitting.


  10. Thanks for the buggy. It's very sweet. The pizzas look delicious!

  11. mmmmm...yummy! I love making homemade pizza, but coming up with the toppings that everyone will like is the hardest part. We go pretty traditional in my house, but maybe I'll have to split it and try something fancier on my half next time!

  12. I love that pizza.You made it in such a nice manner.Thanks for sharing.
    Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

  13. Your pizza looks AMAZING! I hope you are well my friend! Soooooooo much has changed in my life! Talk to you soon.~ G


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