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More 365 Cards with Tutorials–Cool Recycle ideas!





Who doesn’t have a pile of these laying around?  I was emptying the trash in my husband’s office day before yesterday and these were included.  I just could not bear to toss them.  I guess I’m a serious artist/crafter because I don’t see trash, I see possibility.  At the time I was not sure what I’d use these for but it came to me the moment I decided to make a Christmas card and use it for my day 178 challenge for 365.


Day 178 – Buried Deep

The instructions - Dig into your stash and crack open 2 items that you've never used before.  They can be old or they can be new, but they can't have been used.

So I decided to use a CD because I’ve never done this before and to also use a designer paper I bought a couple of weeks ago when shopping with my sister Nina and had forgotten I had. 



I took a beautiful pattern for a Christmas Ornament I bought at the Silhouette Store and I cut it out (I did it twice, I plan on making more than one of these) 



I cut out a plain green backing using cardstock. 



Slathered the CD with craft glue – then assembled it all.



I used an already stamped sentiment from Nina and some of the pieces that were left over from the ornament cut-out and decorated the back.  I affixed this tiny bow.  I’ve not used one of those before either, they’ve been patiently waiting in a tiny box.  So it could have counted as one of my “not used” items.



This is the back of the card. After tying a strand of gold filament through the top I really created it to be an ornament/greeting card.  There is white space left for me to personalize it.  Note: I cut the pattern so that it included the “hole” at the top, if you were to try to do this without a machine you could possibly do it by cutting out two circles (or round-edged squares) and then creating a hole in them with a punch.  Also, I seem to remember that there are those circles for reinforcing loose-leaf for binders.  I bet they would work well,  If you stuck a couple of those under your designer paper before you stick the designer paper to the CD.  I bet you could even ink or stamp your “top” to match your color theme.



This is the front.  These will fit nicely into an envelope meant for a 6 x 6 square card. How nice for your recipients to be able to hang your greeting – a real conversation piece and recycling too!


Day 179 – Boy meets Girl

Instructions - Use girly papers and make a card for a little boy, or take paper suitable for a little boy and make a card for a girl.

I chose to make another CD card and I also made it a card for a girl but in boy blue and black colors.  This paper is a Recollections Blue Pinstripe (Michaels)



This is the front of my card.  I used my flower pot template to cut out the pot, my leaves as well.  The flower pot is available for free download under the Silhouette tab up top of my blog.    By the way, the measurement to cut a circle to perfectly fit a CD is 4.7 inches.  The ‘cute’ stamp is from Trisha Santry – Happy Day



Nina will be so proud of me, I used my Glossy Accents on the leaves, after stamping with my Versamark Shimmer pad and embossing with clear powder. 



The back is very simple, leaving lots of room to personalize.  The ‘you’re so sweet’ stamp is a Fiskars – Just Between Friends. 



I am giving you the recipe I use to make a little easel to affix to the back of the card.  Just cut it out of cardstock and adhere it to the back of your card using either glue or double sided tape. 



The most fun part of this card is my clever idea to affix the pretty flower element to a bobby pin (yep, bought a box of 200 of the good old black b-pins at the thrift for $2)  Now whichever little girl receives this card can ‘pick’ her flower, wear it and replant it back into the pot for safe-keeping! 

♥ Hope you enjoyed and thanks for coming to visit! ♥


  1. And there you go again getting all fabulously artistic. You can make a card out of anything, crazy sister and it looks amazing. Love the ornament card, seriously wonderful. The second card is very cute.

  2. Great way to use some old disks! I love the flower on the bobby pin, I know my daughter would love that!

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [27 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Great idea I have tons of those I almost threw them out, but I knew there was a need thanks for th tip

  5. Good morning my friend:) have been soo busy since I was here last.Do you take time to breathe?LOL
    LOVE your idea about the CDs and your ornaments and cards are AWESOME!!
    I also LOVE your hand made water color card.How COOL!! :)
    How clever of you to use a bobby pin where the little girl can wear the flower in her hair and replace it on the card for safe keeping. :)
    I put videos on my blog of the paper rose.:) Can't wait to see yours!!
    Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love,


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