Monday, August 15, 2011

Bye Lil Sister & and a Freebie!

My little sister motored out of here this morning at the ghastly dark hour of 4:30 a.m. I could almost trick myself into thinking that it was all a dream, but alas its true.  I had such a blissful sisterly time with you Nina!

I'm posting a free png and cutting file today of a tomato.  I used this file to cut the tomato in my last post's cards section so just check it out to see what it could look like.  I'm providing it both in a png format as well as a Silhouette SD file (.studio)  Hope you have fun with this!  Fine for all uses, with a link back and credit.

NOTE:  Friday, Aug 19th - I have re-uploaded the studio files because I had the tomato and the stem grouped together.  Have now created two separate files so you can cut them independently.   thx for your patience, am on a learning curve here! 

PS - notice the new link on my sidebar for the top 40 Silhouette SD sites?  Yay!!


  1. Good morning again!!!:)
    Aww...I know you already miss your sister.:( I am SO HAPPY you were able to spend time together!!:) Did I hear "spend"? LOL All that shopping you were able to do.How FUN!!:)
    Thanks so much for sharing your sweet tomato with me!!:)LOVE it!!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Me? Laundry,cleaning house and bible study this evening.:)Do you hear that buzzing sound? That's me..busy bee.hehe

    HUGE hugs and LOTS of LOVE my friend!!


  2. Hello Mrs Miles,

    Sisters are the best, I know this, because I have 3 of my own, and am grateful for the love and friendship. Have been spending way too much time on facebook, and decided to try to get back to my creative zone. Yours is the first stop I made this morning, and I am happy I did. You have some beautiful and fun gifts. Would you mind if Itake a few. I have a couple years worth of photos to play with. I love the second one (hearts and music) goes nicely with the a mini kit you put out a couple years ago (wow! have I been gone that long?) Have a beautiful day!


  3. Ahh sis, with the exception of the disappointment of leaving my sister the early morning escape is great. The desert at dawn is fabulous. After watching you make such amazing things with you Silhoutte you have inspired me to try more with my Cricut andmy Sure Cuts a Lot software :) maybe not today but soon. Thanks for the freebee.


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