Monday, August 29, 2011

3 More Cards–Freebie delayed one day please :|


Ok, this is going to be a fast thrown together post or I will never get it done.  I apologise for no freebie as promised today – but tomorrow if all goes well.   Without further delay.

First, Mojo Monday # 206


I’m terrible, I chose… rectangle, does it count?  I had the dickens with my cards today – all fumble fingers and such:



I think I re-worked this one about 4 times.  I had stamped and embossed the sentiment in gold but it looked cheap.  So many adjustments, so much indecision.  I was ready to slap myself and say “GO already!”  Sheesh. 



I do like these simple and sweet little flowers – I made one in an earlier post – the triangle fold but with this one I squashed them over to one side.  I added the little bit of crochet thread for the delicate bow.  I want to share a bit of advice I learned from my tatting days (which are still going on but very sporadic)  My hint is that when you tie something tiny like this to dab both the ends of the thread and the little knot with a product called Fray Check – I think I bought mine at Wal Mart.  Seals the thread nicely and invisibly.


365 Day 181 – Super Sketchy Sunday



Yes, once again I am a deviant.  Well I have some hints of the sketch I am sure.  The artist in me just takes over, sorry.



I’ve been meaning to give my friend this beautiful photo of her I took way back in June and today I thought I’d incorporate it into the sketch.



My take on the second piece of paper is to use this piece of onion skin type paper and paint and pencil on a “faux drop shadow” – I think I will for sure use this idea again.


A little mini glue dot colored with my versamark inkpad and a strand of jewelery wire make the photo hang nicely.  Oh yes, the frame was a free file from which I altered.  Printed to photo paper and cut out.



I tried to  find this exact word in my stamps collection – not sure if I have a “beautiful” in it and then I had the brilliant idea to look in my magazine collection – there are hundreds of ads in them screaming “beauty this and beauty that”  and there you have it in a nice font even.  Just snip snip and its mine!


365 – Day 182

Instructions were to include 5 buttons and 5 bows. 

I hope nobody’s going to shoot me, I only managed two bows and 4 buttons.



I just could not see how I could jam it up any more than it already is.



I used pretty pink little buttons (I only had 4 of them in the entire jar) and then topped them with pink gems.



But here is what was fun and is a COOL idea I had while having my coffee with 2 squares of chocolate for breakfast today. 

I discovered it quite by accident on another card and it hit me this a.m. … If you take sheer nylon ribbon and blow at it before you stick the ribbon on the card (you will have to experiment, a little tricky) with your heat embossing gun you can make it go all ‘shrively and pretty’!!!  Oh I have so many ideas I want to try with this.


Ok, and I just have to blog these last two snaps:

Last night our friend Italia and John had us over.  There were 8 of us people (including them) and there were seven GIANT pizzas!



Cooked on the bbq with bricks under they were FABULOUS.



And that’s Italia with an uninvited guest in the foreground. 


  1. Going from the bottom up, isn't he just cute, I hope he was not on the pizza. Beautiful cards sis, Day 182 is very feminine looking, very pretty. The frame cards is ingenious.I know your friend will love it. Last by not least your Mojo card today is very delicate and pretty, love the little swirl flower.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [30 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Your cards are all absolutely wonderful! I really do love those little flower you have started creating.
    I have to say i dont think that bug is very cute...kinda scary looking...but i hate bugs so i dont find to many of them very cute.
    Thank you so much for all of your support these last few days...i've really need it.

    Lots of love

  4. I just love love love your paper flowers - I will be making some of those!! And your tip for 'shrivly' ribbon looks really cool, TFS!

  5. Wonderful cards! And I want some of that yummy pizza!!

  6. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW!! LOVE your cards!! Those flowers you are making are really CUTE!!I may just have to try that out too.:)
    Your friend is going to LOVE her card from you!! How SWEET!!
    Love your PRETTY pink card!! I am with you on the bows..Where would you put five of them? took different colored ribbons and tied them all together into one.:)COOL idea with the heat gun and the ribbon.Christy has one of those heat guns.hmmm.:)
    I've never eaten a pizza that was grilled.:) Sounds interesting,:)
    Christy already has my day planned.We are going to Hobby Lobby.:) There goes more of my money.hehe
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL day and FUN making more of your GORGEOUS cards!!


  7. love the cards sure have missed you all ...can't wait to see and make a card. Hope we chat ya


  8. I love your take on the Super Sunday sketch, it's a jumping off point and I think you did a great job.

  9. i love how you used the photo for the sketch and your friend is sure to love this card :)

    yummy bbq!!!

  10. lovely cards... love the buttons and bows.. never mind if its only 4 buttons and 2 bows.. lovely!

  11. oh wow!!! I LOVE how you used the sketch for the photo!!! that turned out amazing!!!! great work!!!

  12. Unos trabajos magnificos!!
    Ha jugado genial esta semana en 365 cards!!
    El holor de esa pizza llega hasta España!!!!


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