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MORE cards and an AWESOME, AMAZING FREE set of cutting Templates for YOU!


I always think that I will be able to shoot out one small short post but it never works out that way.  I guess when my creative spirit kicks in I just stick with it until its worked out.  So today I have three cards to share and also a FREE set of templates for YOU that, if you make greeting cards,  will make your life easier – I guarantee it!  First, to my cards – can’t let my sister Nina get ahead of me.  A little sibling rivalry is safe now she’s not here to give me a noogie or “the look” anymore.  I ♥ her style and have learned a ton from her. 

I’ve been trying to play catch-up with my 365 cards so these are all from their site:

Day 172  Vintage Plus Green



This is a very simple card – it pretty much fell together.  The lovely graphic is from Graphics Fairy – such a soft and pretty image.  I’m sorry I do not know the name of the paper design.  I layered some rough textured almost hand made feeling paper over the background.  I added a filmy green ribbon over that and matched it with a thin mauve ribbon to reflect the color from the image. 



I paired two blossoms matching the general color theme and then topped this with a button and knotted a snippet of fancy thread. 


Day 173 Vintage Plus Yellow



This is a really “free-style” type card.  I grabbed the beautiful cut-out files from the Silhouette Plus users forum along with some other fabulous files which somebody put up for grabs for us “newbies” to the site.  WOW!  There are some very talented ladies out there, very generous. 

I cut this file out this “Tri Frame and Leaf Flourish” file using my Silhouette SD.  I glued the frame directly onto the background paper.  I inked the edges.  I added my own calligraphy touches.  I used my Versamark Shimmer pad on the leaves and then embossed them with a clear powder.  Thats it!


Day 174 Super Sketchy Sunday


Here’s the sketch for this challenge:


And here is my take:


I ♥ this designer paper – Quite Contrary – Jack & Jill “Favorite Thing” Colorful Umbrellas Paper.  Its a double-sided paper with fabulous “tooth” to it.  These more expensive cardstocks almost make the cards by themselves.  Worth saving you $ to invest in, truly.  I used the umbrellas on the background and then I cut the scallop out of the polka dots on the other side.  I inked the edges.  I cut out a cloud – my own design, available under my Free Silhouette files tab, top of the blog.  Then I cut out the leaves, again, I’m a “make it myself girl” so I created the leaves – remind me and I’ll post those too sometime.  I punched the stars and inked. The word-art came from TLC Creations.




I added the gems – Studio 112.  These are the neatest – I tried to catch myself reflected in this one but I could not get an angle that would exclude the camera lens.  I wish I’d bought more – they could be so many things, from raindrops, candle flames to real tears.  Ah well, something to wish for.

And I will end this section of my cards with a last photo which will in turn start off the next part of this post – FINISHING a card off, in style.



I’m big on spending some time on the inside of my cards.  A small touch will set it apart from other cards.  Little snippets from your designer paper, either punched out or snipped and layered really pulls your card together.  I even have made myself a template which I can run through my printer which puts my name and email onto the back of each card – but I’ll save that for another day. 

What I want to share with you here is something that hit me at 7 a.m. this morning and had me sitting up and planning first thing.  Before my morning coffee and chocolate even.  If you’re a regular here you will know that’s my standard breakfast, one or two squares of GOOD chocolate and a coffee.  I’m not a breakfast girl but I do go for snacking before bed. 

I was thinking that my cards often look pretty nice until I go to write my greeting inside.  This is because I cannot write in a straight line – oh how I envy those of you who can.  Yes, a few times I’ve even gone so far as to use a ruler to draw the lines out by hand on a card in pencil and erase them afterward.  That’s when it hit me – why don’t I design a template for that  using my fancy schmancy Silhouette SD?  So, thats exactly what I did – and I’m providing it here for you – both in png format so that anyone who has a cutting machine that can take png then these will work for you!  I’ve made them in both landscape and portrait for a standard 1/4 fold card and also in a square 5 and 1/2 inch card too! 

Here are some photos to show you what I mean, in case you are like me and need a visual to “get it”



I think this is self-explanatory.  Nice card, bad handwriting.




First cut my template out of a good heavy cardstock (in a brilliant and ugly color I suggest so it will always be easy to catch your eye because you are going to use this handy dandy template a lot)  When you are ready to write your greeting, simply lay the tempate over the right inside of your card and use the spaces to pencil in lightly. 



Whether your card is “landscape” or “portrait” these templates are perfect.  I included a square one after I took these photos, specifically because of today’s 365 challenge reminded me there are square cards too. 



And after that – while I certainly won’t win any awards for my penmanship, its fairly neat.  Notice I left some space between the greeting line and the signature lines?  Once you erase the lines it may even appear you have the envious talent  of writing straight, your secret is safe with me. 

So, I’ve packaged these templates up for you and zipped them in a file along with my Terms of Use.  These are for personal use.  Please don’t pirate (copy) my designs – and if your friends think these are cool I ask you send them here to download, its the polite thing to do.  They will ALWAYS be available on my blog – I’ll pop them into the archive tabs (top of the blog) when this page gets stale.  Last note, a little bit of comment ♥ goes a loooooooong way Open-mouthed smile 

Click on the graphic below  to be taken to download the zipped folder at  (a little plug for – they are a FABULOUS place to host and share all your files, simple, fast, easy to use and NO ADS!!!  I ♥ your service!)   If you don’t know how to deal with a zipped file then comment me and I’ll send you the single files.  Happy Carding!




  1. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW!! You are really on the ball with your cards!! How PRETTY!!:) It's hard to compete with you and I think I will just do mine as I am able.LOL
    Your templates are AWESOME!! What a COOL idea. Thank you so much for sharing.:)

    Hope your day is FANTASTIC!!


  2. Where to start sis, first off love the templates they will be printed this evening for sure.

    Your cards are fabulous, I love the nature feel of Vintage Plus Green. The Umbrella is so fun looking, great take on Super Sketchy. I absolutely love the Tri Frame and Leaf Flourish, that is stunning. So much to take in :)and all of it wonderful.


  3. Great job on the Super Sketchy Sunday, thanks for joining us.

  4. What beautiful cards and such clever templates!! Thanks so much for joining us in the 365 Cards challenges!

  5. Thank you so much for the templates. I always need straight lines for cards !

  6. well this is super duper FUN!!! love your take on the sketch :)

    it was worth the "hunt" to find and view it.........could you please link up to the post of your card so we can find your card faster? thanks :)

  7. Me encanta!!
    Es tan bonita, ha jugado genial con el sketch.


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