Thursday, August 25, 2011

Days 176 and 177–two more 365 cards!


I could have been all caught up today, in actuality I am caught up now but I thought I would save today’s card for tomorrow because I want to include a tutorial for this card, its a pretty cool idea.  So today I am going to just keep it to the last two cards I completed.  I also spent an hour on the phone with support at Silhouette SD trying to work out an issue I was having with my machine – turned out it was not an issue with the machine or software, but the matt.  After a long while of use they curl on the edges which causes the machine to not be able to make a cut properly.  I think I've figured out how to work around that though.  I have to say the support at the company is amazing.

Day 176 – Water and Sand

Instructions were: The challenge for today is to use watercolor paints on your card, and to use a sanding technique -- "water and sand".

Here’s my take:



I used a yellow toned paper for the background and then I splotched it with a burnt sienna using some plastic wrap.  Just enough to give texture.  I cut the “BLOOM” out of another heavier cardstock and then stuck it to the background using double sided foam tape.  Next I added some details to that to make it more visible, and watercolored in some of the red. 


I painted in the red blossoms and added the dark green leaves.  Went all ‘artist-y’ on this card.  I glued gems on the flowers and finished the card with a green velvet trim.  This turned out to be a very folksy card I must say.


Day 177 – Album Inspired

Instructions and sample pic:

Today's challenge is a lot like an ad inspired challenge, except we're using an album to inspire our cards.


Here’s my interpretation:


I had a lot of fun with this one.  I used a free vector from the internet to cut the silhouette of the children.  Next I tied some crochet thread to two “poles” which were coloured  match-sticks my SIL Judy gave me when she was here – purchased at the dollar store, they come in all colors. 


I cut the letters and pennants using my Silhouette SD and then glued them onto the thread.


I love the fine detail my Silhouette can cut – that little hand is like the size a Barbie Doll would have.  Because I used a paper that was black coated but white inside it turned out looking like the fingers have nails!


  1. Love both cards sis, they show you very artistic side. The recipients are going to love them.


  2. wow, this is so cute! your creations are great!
    thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Fabulous, Barb! Love your take on the album cover inspiration challenge! That banner is wonderful. Thanks for playing and hope to see ya again!
    Aloha, Kim Mc
    365 Cards DT


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