Monday, October 04, 2010

A "Frittered Away" Monday and A Simple Element - for YOU!

Like every mundane Monday I have my "list" all made out with a firm resolve to accomplish it - and of course all my best laid plans have been waylaid.  Thats due, partly, to my sweet Sister who is my ENABLER.  Most of you who've visited my blog over the years know that I am a serious digi-girl who likes to design and use digital scrapbooking elements.  My sister, on the other hand, makes no bones about the fact she is a straight out "hard copy" PAPER girl.  And what a talent she has in her craft.  She tosses out all these terms and techniques that I've never heard of and until recently I really resisted - mostly because I find digi so completely fast and easy to use and I like how one can scale things to a custom fit. 

Well, over time she's worn me down and well... she's won me over.  Not that I'll be giving up my digi any time soon. 

At any rate, she's got me into making these wonderful tactile touchy feely cards and I'm loving it. I should be posting the card I made for my Sister in Law Neti, but even though I thought I took a pic of it I did not.  Sorry to say that and Happy Birthday to you Net-Net for I know you're reading this. 

Back to the list of things I should, could and would be doing if my Sister Nina had not emailed me this morning and wondered if I might be into taking the following challenge today...

Apperently its something called Mojo Monday and there's a contest happening!  Build a card based on the template provided, link a pic to it of your card and - you might just win a set of Verve Stamps (whatever they are and you might just find out should I be so lucky!)  So with no further ado, here's my take on the template provided.  Why don't you try your hand at a card too and join the fun?

Very simple take on the template.  The "its my party" stamp is from Studio G, the paper - uh, you'd have to ask my sister Nina as she's the enabler who gifted me with it.  Its all random and various and whatever catches my eye. 

A good deal of my supplies are gathered from thrift stores and yard sales and some of the oddest things I can find to recycle. 

But yes, I've been slooooowly getting back into my digital layouts too and even making a digi-element or two as well.  And so, since it seems to be a monday with a theme of giving something away, here's something for YOU!   

You can download it HERE - (click on the png or psd and it will come up with a download link) I included both a png with no drop shadow, and a psd file with a drop shadow.  Enjoy, use this for whatever you can find use for it! 


  1. Love the new look to your blog sis. The element is fabulous. The card amazing. Thank you for doing Mojo with me.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    I LOVE your card!! How COOL!!:) Is the ribbon..felt? Looks like it from here.:)
    Christy and I spent Sunday ..most of the day...crafting on the dining room table.What a mess!!hehe She made her boxes and I made cards.So FUN!!:)
    The contest sounds like fun too.:)
    Happy Birthday to Neti.Hope her wish comes true.:)
    Thanks so much for sharing your fallen leaf with me.Hmmm...I could print it out and put it on a card.Right?:)I really enjoy both digi and paper scrapping and card this will come in handy for both. blog was so happy to see you again.Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note for me.:)
    Huge hugs,

  3. I love the autumn look to your blog.. and the card is awesome.

    Thank you for the leaf.


  4. Such a classy looking card! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

  5. Love your blog header/background.

    Now don't be going all papery on me, digi girl!!!


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