Monday, October 18, 2010

MMMMMmmmm Mojo Monday

Ah yes, once again its Mojo Monday and I really did not believe I would get a card made today but hey, I owe a few out in the coming weeks so I figured might as well squeak one in between the other calls on my time.  Now Shhhh, this anniversary card is for someone who's special event is coming up - so I'd hate for the surprise to be spoiled.  Lucky for me this couple does not read my blog, in fact they do not even use a computer so I'm safe unless you tell *wink* 

Here's the template for today's Mojo:

Here's my take on it,

Card Face

I'm afraid I really cannot give you a list of the ingredients which went into making this card, other than the stamp on the inside which I will mention below.  I'm a novice carder and 99.9% of my supplies have been lovingly handed down by my family or gathered at the thrift and bargain stores.  The small black flower with the pearl in the middle (top left of card) I tatted by hand.  The vintage graphic I harvested from "The Graphics Fairy" - one of my very favorite places on the net! 

I printed the graphic off in greyscale and then colored it with simple pencil crayons.  I matched cardstock around the graphic with the colors in the bouquet. 

Card Inside

Ok, this stamp I know.  Its a Kolette Hall, designed for Studio G - gifted to me by my (amazingly talented card-making Sister) Nina.  She's the reason I'm making cards when I should be doing a lot of other things.  I begrudge her not, if something happened to me tomorrow there may be dust bunnies under the bed and laundry piled up - but somebody will have some very pretty cards I made to remember me by! 

And I did spend some time beginning a bible study which I am doing along with my dear and lovely friend Cicero Sings!  We are going to work along in this study:

I'm just into the first section - thank goodness we've given each other a week to go through it before we get together to discuss.  Already, in the short bit I've done, its had a very positive effect on me.  Thanks my friend for starting me in this journey!  Any trip is the more meaningful and memorable when it's shared.  Find out more about this and more at Kelly Minter's site.

And so, besides making this card I had a Monday Mojo of another type - the baking sort.  I decided to call it Move-it Monday and use  up some ingredients in my fridge.  In particular I used up JAM.  Our folks were here for a visit recently and left a half jar of lovely strawberry jam and I also had two tiny jars of my own ginger and crabapple jam which I'd mistakenly opened thinking they were something else.  I also discovered an opened jar of cruchy peanut butter. 

So, don't you be asking me for recipes because I'm a Google and Go girl and I just Google recipes, bake them and thats it, never to be baked again perhaps because I like each time to be different.  These are what I came up with though.

Orange-Zesty Thumbprint Cookies
and Peanut Butter and Jam Swirl Bars

Besides, I never stick with the original recipe.  Take those thumbprint cookies.  They never called for Orange Zest nor Fresh Grated Ginger, but it wound up in there.  I can't always remember what-all I put in.  I've got a delicious Pear and Apple cake happening as we speak (type/read - whatever)   I will be happy to put these all away for another day - I'll be ready. 

Now, do you ever go hunting for a recipe to use up something left over, or something you have an over abundance of?  I'd love to hear tell!


  1. What a packed post!

    Love your card. Does anyone ever play along with the sketches digitally?

    The stamp inside is gorgeous.

    Enjoy your book and study - I hope you share sone of what you learn with us :)


  2. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW!!Love your card!!! You always come up with beautiful designs.Love the way your brain works.:)
    I am a recipe collector.I don't use a lot of the ones I collect.I actually bought the ingredients this week so I could try out one I had found.I think I will make that this evening.
    I hadn't really tried looking for a recipe to use up the left overs in the fridge.Great idea though and I will have to remember that one.:)Thanks.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Love and hugs,

  3. awesome card ...they will love it . the goodies look yummie....miss you real soon

  4. Your card is wonderfully vintage and beautiful. I think it's great that you have received these hand me down items and have put them to good use! You've done a super job with the Mojo sketch.
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog and the kind words. I appreciate them!
    Have a great night!

  5. This project is so very pretty! Did you know that it's time for another challenge at Papercraft Star and we hope that you will consider using your creative talents to join us for our "Thank You" theme! We are currently accepting applications for our Design Team too and It's also not too late to sign up for our $25.00 gift certificate drawing! Hope you visit us today!

  6. Beautiful card inside and out! I won't tell your secret! :) I LOVE this image! You did a wonderful job with it. Love the sheer ribbon! Great card! They will love it!


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