Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sumo Painting!

I'm told I should put up some fresh content.  YaYa!  Well I decided since I find myself with a moment to look sideways that I should post about something I've been doing. So, I'll post about this class I'm taking at  This course is all about using some "cloud based" applications on the internet.  Right now we are learning to use Sumo Paint.

Sumo Paint is a lot like a watered-down version of Photoshop and so we were exploring the possibilities.  The two original photos I collected from which allow you to use the images freely as they are Creative Commons - in the public domain. 

I used selections and layers and "painted" this fun old Gel up.  As you can see the quality is not perfect as I just chose the default size Sumo Paint offered me, which was not very large.  I did not want to get lagged down with a large file. 

Definately not near anything I'd offer a client but it does demonstrate the ability to give a painterly effect to a portrait. 

And then I worked out this last one, loosely based on a sketch. 

So if you like to dabble you might like to give Sumo Paint a whirl!  There is a Pro Version for just a few dollars, might be worth it!  There are many wonderful brushes and also filters as well, to choose from.

I think I'd still choose the free version of Art Rage if I were to want to actually just paint. 

Have YOU painted anything online lately? 

I'm also taking Microsoft Office at school too.  So thats what I've been up to!  There, posted - everyone happy now?


  1. Boy you are just so busy learning good for you. I wish one of the schools around here offered more. Maybe when we move to a little bigger city.

  2. About time sis :) Why not post some of your cards. Hugs,


  3. Good morning Barb:)
    It wasn't me that told you to put up fresh least I don't remember doing that.hehe...but hey..I am not going to complain that you did.:)
    How interesting...just this week my niece told me that Sumo Paint is the program she used on her photos she posted to Facebook. She even sent me to her page where she keeps her work.She also told me that she got a job from a Photographer as an apprentice.How cool is that? She is soo excited and she now takes so many pics is hard to keep up with.hehe
    I haven't had the time to try the program out ..but what I pretty COOL!
    Thanks for taking time to post!! LOVE it when you do.:)

    Love and hugs,

  4. So HAPPY you stopped by for a visit! i must admit stopping by here recently but didn't comment since i am still having much computer issues, but that's another story! hehe
    you are ALWAYS up to such interesting things that i LOVE to visit you!
    With the puppy, EVERYTHING has pretty much been put on hold for us but we are still into rocks and dollhouse minis. we just scored a real deal on a wired (for lights) dollhouse. so i will surely be updating me blog soon too!
    hoping you have a WONDERFUL evening! HUGS! :)

  5. Painting something online or IRL requires artistic ability, which I do not have ;)

    Thanks for coming by to visit my friend! I've missed chatting with you lately. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  6. Boy you come up with the best stuff.. You are such a artist. oh and chocolate with lemon bits... oh my gosh.. that sounds so yummy.


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