Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Days Left to Vote!

Even if we don't make it (GASP!) I hope it sets a good example to follow.  Do you know how much it means to even tell a Police Officer (doctor, nurse, ambulance attendant, teacher, cashier etc) what a great job they are doing?  Do you know that for every negative thing we see on tv or read about, its probably the one negative thing among thousands of good things?  Do you know how much power we have to build up our public workers, than tear them down - for a few mistakes/bad choices/bad people?  It must be pretty difficult living under the dark shadow of bad publicity.  How do you work when someone takes your entire profession or group and lumps them in with anything bad that's happened?  How would we like someone to treat us. 

Take a chance today - tell someone they are doing a good job (don't LIE, of course if they are not!)  I'll bet that the real gift will be to yourself because I've seen the difference a few words of encouragement can make. 

So if you can, VOTE here - and send your friends to vote and tell them to ask THEIR friends to vote and lets see if we can move the numbers up just a bit. 


  1. I love the article , how cute are you :)

    I am bummed that you aren't ranked higher than you are. Makes me sad for our law enforcement. Thank you so much for trying.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Wow!! You made the headlines and I can say.."I knew you when".:) Great way to get your idea promoted huh? Such a worthy cause!! Today is the last day isn't it? Well..even if you don't win..I think you have accomplished a lot in bringing your point to the forefront.We DO need to appreciate those who are helping and putting their lives in danger to keep us from harm.
    I am anxious to hear how the voting went.:)
    Hope you are doing well.I know you are busy as a bee and not ignoring me.hehe

    Huge hugs and lots of love,

  3. What an amazing write up on a TOTALLY amazing lady! Your idea is FABULOUS Barb and I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed that your idea wins!

    I do, to the best of my ability, to let those who have touched my life in some way know just how much I appreciate their efforts, their sacrifices, their giving hearts, etc.

    Thank YOU sweet lady for being such a light and gentle spirit in my life and that of SO many others!

    Will reply to your email just as quickly as I am able. I've only opened my inbox once in the past week and hope to catch up again before week's end.

    Much love and hoping for GOOD news to the outcome of the voting!



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