Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EVERY (and any) vote counts!

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Right from the golden - olden days the Canadian Police have been the pride of our Nation.  I've always admired that someone would choose this vocation for I've pondered what it might mean to be a police officer - certainly not a 9-5 no risk type of a job where your biggest worry might be a broken nail or something.  I think what it must be like to be willing to lay your life down any day for the general public, and a general public I might add, which sometimes consider that fact as an obligation. 

And its always bothered me that most of what we see on tv or hear on the news, is the negative stuff, mainly because that's what makes news.  I think about all the small and large things these people do, the sacrifice they lay down every day - and I would like to show my appreciation for what they do.  Perhaps I'm just a starry eyed dreamer, but I honestly believe most police officers are honorable and noble.  I think for most of them they chose their profession to better the world - to make a difference.  Of course there are a few bad apples in every bunch - we are all human but we are not here today to talk about that. 

I posted back on September 7th that I found a way that I might begin a "WAVE" of appreciation for our Police - through the Pepsi Refresh Project.  I pitched an idea - to host an appreciation luncheon to honour our Police (Okanagan Valley) - give the public a chance to mingle and voice their appreciation.  I asked for $25,000 to make this happen - and my idea was approved meaning that IF I can garner enough support - VOTES then these funds would be granted to make this idea happen!  Soooo - though I am still pretty far down the list (believe in miracles anyone?)  I think we could pull it off! 

How does this involve you?  Well, (totally blushing here) I do not facebook or twitter (unheard of in this day and age I know - due to my already over-busy life when I really can only handle a quiet one) but I am hoping that all of YOU who do facebook and twitter might further my cause by voting and asking your friends to vote  for my idea.  One does have to register to vote, but its a simple and easy process.  WE HAVE 10 DAYS to do this.  TEN.  PLEASE - send this blog post to anyone and EVERYONE you know and lets see what happens!

I've been contacted by our local newspaper, The Osoyoos Times and hope this will help get the word out locally.  So, WHERE does one find out more and VOTE?  Right HERE, at the following link:

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I hope we find me blogging about the luncheon in the future!

~ Barb


  1. Hey Darlin! :)

    It's on my Facebook and I will have it once a day for the next ten days! As well as on my own personal website!!

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing Barb... There isn't very many people that would do that now days. It saddens me, I truly hope you win.. ((((hugs))))

  3. I voted for you the first time it was on your blog. Can a person as many times as they want or just the once?

    Hope you get your numbers Aunty Barb.

  4. I forgot to tell you that I face booked it - I tweeted it and I voted.

  5. AHH- just voted my friend and blurbed on my blog for ya!


  6. Continuing to vote daily :)


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