Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feeling "Fall-ish" and Farewell to Kim

I probably have several hundred pictures of the autumn displays at the fruitstands in Keremeos but I can never drive by without stopping and getting more.  I especially like the multi-colored corn.  My Mr. gave me 15 minutes to fire away even though we were on our way home last weekend.  Here are a few of the photos.

See why I can't resist?  Some of the gourds look like they came from outer space.  I am not sure I would care to eat one of these warty looking things. 

I'd like to point you to Kim's blog - to say farewell to her digi-scrapping shoppe, DSO.  Kim has been a dear friend over the years and I'm sure we will see some new and exciting things happen for her in the future.  In the meantime, if you like digital scrapbooking and are looking some beautiful kits - or you are a designer and looking for commercial use items then you've got to scoot over and pick up some of her wonderful ware for its all going at bargain basement prices.  Kim - I'll miss your lovely designs, hope to see you in a new and shiny shop somewhere soon.  Thanks for all your amazing freebies over the past years, including your incredible styles - the leather one is stunning (playing on the side while I blog!)  BIG HUGS!

And now I have a couple of questions for you, my readers.  Do you save or delete your emails?  I'm currently sorting and filing over 300 emails from my inbox.  I am an email pack rat.  My email (with the search feature) is my brain.  Just curious about if I'm the only one. 

And am I the only one who washes the kitchen floor by hand?  I find a mop just does not cut it.  I know, I'm a nosy girl. 


  1. Never seen corn like that before - amazing!

    I mop but get down on my knees with a scrubbing brush for stubborn bits :)

  2. Lovely pictures of corn n pumpkins.

    Wash floors by hand only -- mops r useless in mho.

    I'm an email junky too! I have over 300 in my inbox and that does not include those I have put in folders of their own.

    Re B. S. -- I guess Monday wud need to be duscussion day to discuss the previous weeks work.

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    Wow! Yes...I can see why you stopped.LOVE the pics of the corn especially.:) I am with you on the gourd.That thing is scary!!LOL
    It doesn't seem possible that DSO is closing.Sure will be looking to see where Kim and Gaye will be going next.:)
    Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!

    Hugs and love,

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I came to go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE on your blog and give you a heart attack! lol
    and now you made me go AHHHH instead ;-)

    Thanks my dear friend, and even though the store is closing - I won't be going away any time soon- hahaha
    Well, just for the Summer holidays, but will let all know the minute everything is final as to where I'm going ;-P

    LOVE LOVE the corn- OMG< we had to sketch dried corn at Varsity, but I've never seen anything like those. WOW!!
    been playing with my Camera too- new "experiments on my blog" HAHAHAHA. I'm getting there slowly, but at least these where taken on MANUAL and not auto- so big LEAP for me- hahaha.

    Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you ;-)


  5. Well Aunty Barb just thought i would sned a reply to your 2 questions.

    Well i am pretty anal about clutter and organization and even if it is not sitting on my counters or in my home i have to deal with as to saving emails, not so much for me i try and keep my inbox pretty cleaned out.

    I'm with you about the hands and knee to clean the floor.

    Hope all is going well and please send your mister Happy Birthday wishes when his specail day arrives here right around the corner.

    Lots of Love


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