Monday, September 27, 2010

An Amazing Attraction!

You all know how it is - you never appreciate the attractions in your own community, that is until you have company? Our parents where here for a two and a half week visit and on the very last weekend I tagged along with my Mr. and his Dad (not TOO close - so they could have some "guy time")  I secretly had planned to photograph them together for memory sake but wound up being immersed in the wonder of this place. 

I'm talking about the Osoyoos Desert Miniature Railway - I think I've linked this blog post to it, above by the title to this post.  I could try to describe what we saw but I think some photos will do a much better job!  I'll only preface to say this incredible place is spic and span spotless - thoughtfully laid out, decorated beautifully and run by a nice family. 

If you were to visit the Railway you might see...

A Volkswagen Van (a sister to our Van?) 

 A Tiny Metropolis? 

 A Funeral in Progress?

A Heart-Touching Graveside Ceremony?

Inside the Tent at a Circus ... at NIGHT!

A Bike Race?

Fishing on a Lake?

A Swim at the Beach?

A Corn Maze?

An Active Mine?

And now you've seen only a FRACTION of the wonders of this facility - how do you feel when I show you the size of each of the tiny people in this set? 

How Small!

The owner and his wife have put together this incredible display - the largest European Style Miniature Railway in Canada.  She has painted every one of the 18,000 (and counting) figures here.  And all this while in a wheelchair.  Truly inspirational!  

What I especially admire is they keep adding relevant displays - everything from wind turbines to skateboarding and almost anything you can think of that people do today.  Definately worth the mere $7 entrance fee.

Do YOU have an attraction in your town which is a "must see"? 


  1. That´s really interesting and so cute! I will have to remember this, the next time we are in Canada.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW! This took a lot of time and effort and I bet it is a blast working on it too.Fantastic job!:)I bet our friend Shirley (xashee) would love to see all those tiny characters and items too.She and her hubby are working on a doll house.:)
    Sounds like you and the folks had a great time visiting.:)Thanks for sharing it with us!!

    Huge hugs and lots of love!!

  3. amazing ....a lot of work ..but well worth it ...awesome pictures of it is amazing what each of our town have in them when we go looking...thanks for sharing


  4. Hi Barb,

    I love the pics of the miniature rail town, how cute.

    Wondered which camera do you use, the pics of the mushrooms are so clear and I'm looking for a camera that will work in low light and macro shots. And yours does a lovely job not to mention you have a eye for detail and the talent.


  5. We have a Steam Railway just a walk away from our house and they have a model railway display there too! and yes you can spend hours just looking at the different things and models the people make. My what patience they have, paiting and building the scenery and the tiny people, and what imagination too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit Barb, I must admit, I am getting very lazy when it comes to visiting my favourite blog sites

    hopefully I can get back into that routine!

    hugs to you Barb x

  6. Great photos of a super "wee" attraction.

    Best one here? Probably the Linen Museum in our town. Currently has a special Ann Frank exhibit which I can't wait to see,

  7. Oh wow! That sounds really cool! My family loves miniature railway displays. There is one in the mountains north of us that we visited once. When my son was younger, we even owned miniature train videos. Yes, he was into all things train. My how time passes too quickly!

    I've missed visiting with you my friend! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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