Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whew - 52!

Life is GOOD!  I celebrated my 52nd birthday last week and it's odd but I feel a peace and comfort as never before.  I'm in good health, can't think of a think I have to have and I feel a sense of FAMILY.  As time goes on one realizes the one of the most valuable thing is having a close-knit family. 

Speaking of family, my Mother and Father in law are visiting with us until September 27th and we've been having a wonderful time.  As my Mr. was working on my birthday my in law's pampered me with a...

DQ Ice Cream Cake

NUM - they know how much I like ice cream cake.  I had it for breakfast on more than one day, along with my daily bit of chocolate (including truffles from my Honey!) 

I had someone suggest I blog a bit of my "Birthday Bootie" and so I shall, only I am going to blog a few of my favorite things, without the who its from!

Ohhhhh - SO elegant!

Who do we know who has taste plus plus?  And this was gifted along with two attractive T's perfect to show these beauties off.  This person makes all year long like a birthday for they collect little gifties for me on an ongoing basis and give me little "care" packages every now and then. 

Notes All Year!

What a sweet and thoughtful present, for these magnetic note pads are labeled by month and they were accompanied by pretty stick-um notes and even seasonal themed page tabs.  The presenter of this gift has much more in store yet, only waiting for a window of open time to celebrate. 

Whoa - will you look at THAT?

And this dear person made this with their own little hands.  Are'nt the brilliant colors and glitter just me?  I have a very special place for these beauties.

And so, these are just some of the spoils of my celebration and I feel cherished indeed.  I have deliciously scented creams and such from another person dear - fondest of fond - to my heart.  What I appreciated SO much was that each of the gifts I recieved were thought out with my heart's desires addressed. 

I have so much more to blog yet - but for now I am sucking up every bit of quality family time with my in-laws.  I'll try to post in between and... perhaps I'm even thinking of playing in PS and trying my hand at making a digital element or two... 


  1. What treasures :) you lucky lucky lady. About time you blogged to, it is so unfair that you hooked us up with blog posts each day then... long anticipated waits. Life... I know, I hears ya. I am glad that your birthday was beyond amazing. You are sooo worth it big sis. Love you lots. Me

  2. Congrats on your 52nd birthday - we are only separated by 9 years and a few thousand miles!

  3. Good morning Barb...and HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!:)
    You got some really COOL gifts there my friend.How SWEET!!:) I especially love the ice cream cake for breakfast part.hehe How can you NOT have a great day starting it out like that?:)No wonder you wanted to workout.hehe
    Seriously have some very thoughtful friends and are truly blessed by them...and they by YOU.:)
    My oldest son's Bday was the 6th and my youngest son's Bday is the 30th of this month.September must be a blessed month for those loved ones who have come into our lives.;)
    Hope you continue to have a wonderful time with your family.

    Hugs to all!!


  4. are the same age as my sister now...for a few months anyway.She will be fifty three Dec.10th.hehe

  5. Hey Barb,

    Sorry we missed your birthday!!

    Happy happy belated.

    We love you super huge!!


    Nathan and Leila

  6. Hey Barb,

    Not sure if this comment is going to show up twice as I tried adding it and it didn't show.

    Sorry for missing your birthday!!

    We love you super huge and happy happy belated!!


    Nathan and Leila


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