Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're KIDDING Me!

Do you agree with me that a store should never, ever do this?  I mean what were they thinking - placing cans of chile directly next to dog food?  I could not resist snapping a picture of it. 

Chili-Dog, Anyone?  *snort*


  1. Root toot toot goodies for our 4 legged family members, maybe they think that this would be a great additive to the dogs diet. Too funny, did you buy some chili, is it human chili. My husband had a coworker who brought turkey jerky once, got half way down the bag before they realized they were for dogs. heheheh

  2. You are too funny! I'd have never thought to take a picture.

  3. wow some one was a sleep on the job ...way to go to get a picture.

  4. Good morning Barb.:)
    I would have been shocked too.LOL Freedom would love it though..until she got sick on it.:) Definitely needs to be looked at by the marketing manager.hehe
    Thanks so much for stopping by again.My blog is happy's missed you.:)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

    Love and hugs,


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