Monday, January 11, 2010

Tis Done - my little project!

I'm a "Bad Aunt" - forgetting the date of my nephew Zach's birthday. Good thing he's reached an age of maturity where he can forgive me. He will surely put it down to my old age which becomes all the more evident each time HE tacks on another year. I know you celebrated in style!

Soooo... What was I doing when I should have been going to the post office with a card? I was knitting, of course. It's thoroughly addictive and I could not put my project down tl it was complete.

I'll walk you through.

I used cut up shopping (trash) bags mixed with some good bulky yarn I found at a thrift store. I also accented in places with a pretty mohair like wool which was mulberry and shot through with tiny gold threads.

And I say THANK YOU - to the never ending supply of grocry bags I used to curse for they knot up into all sorts of wonderful things.

In case you're wondering how to do this - simply lay the bag flat, squeezing all the air out - then fold it sideways about for times. Cut off the top "handles" and the bottom 1 inch of the bag.

You unfold each little section (right) into long strips and "chain" them together by looping one through another. Now you can knit the strips on their own into a variety of projects or you can do what I did - mix them with other yarns.

I had a plan in my head - a vision of what I wanted to create. I'd lay in bed at night and think about how to do it. Knitting is very much to do with mathematics but I got sorted for most and learned along the way for the rest. This is the basic start of what I made and I'll walk you through the finish of it.

A purse! Very basic in style but it works for me.

I used a rug hook to 'sew' some of the seams together though there were not too many seams as I knitted this on circular needles. Note: knitting with this heavy yarn and how thick with the bags ... Very hard work on the hands! I won't be knitting another in the near future to give my hands a rest.

The white bits are the shopping bag pieces - makes this very sturdy, perfect for a project like this.

My mr. Helped me choose this button (two buttons together, actually) to accent.

Added in an 'anchor'

VoilĂ ! Complete and ready to use!

Ummm looks like I got knitted right into my project! I warned you it's addictive.

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  1. the purse ..what a neat idea ...looks like I spelt Zach's name with a Zack ..I will have to go say sorry ....hope he will forgive me ...ugh

    you will have to show me all your knitting things...


  2. That little purse looks amazing, you never fail to amazing me my very talented sis. Zach is patiently waiting for his hand-made auntie card.



  3. Aunty Barb very cool.....You are a very talented everything you do. I wish i could just have half of your talent and well really i wish i could have your painting talent.....I sure wish you still painted.
    Great job on the purse and not only are you talented but you are very thifty as well.

  4. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!
    TYFS it!!!!!!
    Hope you can knit yourself out!!!! LOL

  5. Good morning Barb:)
    How totally COOL! Love it! Give yourself a pat on the back my friend.:) I agree are sooo talented! A wonderful way to recycle.Want me to send you my grocery bags?LOL
    Love your pic too.hehe
    Be sure to give those weary hands a rest...cause we would love to see more!

    Enjoy your day!
    Love and hugs,


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