Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Good Breakfast

Right - I usually have just a blended fruit smoothie for breakfast in the morning.  I'm not a big breakfast eater but my Mr. always tries to encourage me to eat one.  And I know breakfast is an important part of the day.  So, I've been experimenting and as I always loved "Cream of Wheat" when I was a kid the following recipe appealed to me.



I had a package of buckwheat sitting in my cupboard for a long time just waiting to be used, so this was a good opportunity to try it.  Being the recipe calls for raw buckwheat just soaked overnight it does not take a lot of work.  And I know EXACTLY what's in my breakfast cereal this way.  I did not add any sweetener at all other than 1/2 a banana and I also blended in the extra nut pulp left over from my next item - the almond nut milk I made.  It turned out terrific!

I was researching on the internet and it also looks like buckwheat might be beneficial for a diabetic diet - might be worth checking out.

This is great - as you can see you can use any sort of nuts.  I added a hint of vanilla to mine and it tastes wonderful.  I used almonds and am looking forward to trying other nuts.  I use my magic bullet for everything - its perfect with the cups you can store your "milk" in the fridge! 

Here's some photos of my own:

buckwheat trio


A healthy and yummy breakfast.  Have you any favourite "healthy" breakfast recipes you can share with me and my blog readers?  If you send me some jpg's and the recipe I'll post them here!


  1. wow ...I will have to check that out .... been to the library ...and looks like there are some great recipes out there. So I will have to click some pictures of what I make ...(if they turn out) that breakfast looks yummieee....


  2. Hey there sistah! Your bfast looks like a good idea. Glad it works for you and makes you happy to have bfast. :)


  3. Good morning Barb:)
    Your breakfast looks sooooo yummy!! So glad you are eating breakfast.:) Jim and I are breakfast eaters ... He makes breakfast for us every morning.:) Cept his days off...then I make us a big breakfast.:) I love the videos...especially the one about nut milk.Christy is lactose intolerant and will love this!!!:) Thank you for posting it!
    I am still on my backside waiting to heal.Having huge scrapbook withdraws!!hehe I actually spent my evening cutting out elements I had printed out for cards and scrapbook pages ..so that when I get better ..I will be ready to play.:) I have it bad!!! LOL
    Hope the snow and ice have eased up some for you.It's 29 degrees here right now.brrrr

    Have a fantastic day!

    Love and hugs,


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