Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Oat Flour & Nummy Muffins

I found out that it's a snap to make oat flour using my Magic Bullet. Just whiz oatmeal in it and... voilĂ ! There you have it!

Course I had to make something to try it out so I used this recipe at

I used the milk instead of yogurt, used olive oil, added in some bran and a bit of molasses - then TONS of big fat blueberries, snipped up dried apricots and a fistful of walnut halves.

I always bake my muffins with three cookie sheets under it so the bottoms don't brown too much.

Have YOU ever ground your own flours?

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  1. Good morning Barb:)
    I haven't even heard of oat flour.Well..that I can remember anyway.LOL It sounds wonderful though.Love how your muffins are absolutely FULL of berries!!:) Can you use the oat flour just like regular flour? Same measurements etc? Does it have the same consistency? Sooo curious!:) Great idea about the extra pans.My oven has a tendency to burn on the bottom and I put a thicker cookie sheet under the things I cook.I actually have to bake my biscuits on the top shelf to get them done on top and not burn on the bottom. I really need to get the oven looked at.:) We had a dishwasher stop working one time.Called a repairman..he came..took the bottom cover plate off and pushed the reset button.Cost us sixty dollars.LORL.:) We had no idea it had a reset button.hehe Hmmm...maybe the oven does too??? "snort".;)
    Have a wonderful day missing me!!LOL

    Love and hugs,

  2. Yep, I've made whole wheat flour in my Vitamix.


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