Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreary Outside - Warm Inside

The rain hardly stops and the snow has almost melted away. The sun is packed away behind a thick doughy bed of heavy grey cloud. But this did not deter me from walking outdoors yesterday.

I love the almost mysterious feeling of walking with an umbrella. I have two - one is a bright and fun one decorated with cute forest animals but yesterday I chose the plain black one.

I felt safe and anonymus as I strode through the nieghborhood.

I saw this apple bejeweled with raindrops, so wet with coming defrosted that I imagine the apple to be applesauce on a tree. The little kid in me wants to quickly pluck it and squish it under my shoe. I'm certain it would make a satisfying splotch on the pavement if I did.

I was truly surprised to see these mushrooms coming up! I can't recall ever seeing any this early in the year.

Each rosehip sports it's own gem and the scene of entire banks of them together is a delight to the eye.

There's beauty to be found even on a rainy dark day in the middle of winter.


An addon to yesterday: I do 'babyproof' our home if we expect little ones coming and I have a lovely toybox as well.


I have two pillows on my side of the bed and I'm quite attached to them. I always take them with me when we travel, in fact.

One pillow is a contoured foam one. It's quite rigid and it dips in on one side. I use this one as a 'base'.

The other pillow is a light and fluffy, good Old Fashioned feather pillow. I've had it forever - so long it feels like a part of me. It's as soft as the fluff in a bullrush and it wraps tenderly around my head and cuddles me to sleep. It smells like me and I take great comfort in that when I have had a day where the world has ripped my face off. Somehow, smelling my sleep in the pillow brings me peace and I'm able to let any horrid old day go.

I think my pillow cradles my head into good positions for dreaming.

Do YOU use a hard or soft pillow? Foam or stuffing or feathers?

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  1. It IS dreary today isn't it! I love the pix you took though. Even in this dreary mucky time of year there is always something beautiful to be found.

  2. MERRRM!... I use feather pillows.. Big, fat, queen sized, feather pillows!.. and everytime I stay at my boyfriend's place I CANT SLEEP because he has those crazy expensive memory foam 'ohh la la.. Sleep on meee... I'm so special and wonderful' pillows.. AND THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I DEWN'T WIKE DEM! AT ALL!... And about squeeeeshing the apple... I love it.. I got that urge looking at it too.. Maybe it is embeded in our genetics... Do you think or dear darling Geeg had the same urge?

    Love you..


  3. Hey there girl. We are just in from our walk. A gray day here and I did not find one thing to take a picture of ... in fact, haven't found anything for days of walks now. We are still thawing out though not so much today. A stiff breeze blowing ... demmed nippy out there in the breeze ... we stuck to the trees.

    Still haven't come up with the right pillow arrangement!

    As for yesterday's post .... manners are GOOD but sure not seen too much anymore.

    You sure are using that trusty little iPhone!! I've been looking at the touch iPod as I have enough points for one ... but can't think that I'd really use it?! ... enough to use my points up on.

  4. Yep, lotsa rain.

    My pillow is quite flat. In fact, right now I'm using it folded over.


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