Friday, January 08, 2010


I've taken up knitting in the past few months - why didn't someone inform me it's so addictive? Problem is I can't stick to a pattern and so I wind up making my own things. These are a pair of fingerless glove I made for one of our daughters - perfect for our generation of "texters".

And now I've ventured int some fun fibres and found materials. Acually I have bought all my wools at thrift stores, besides some interesting balls I've been given.

This is what these fibres knit up like. What do you think I'm making?

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  1. My hat off to you - I tried knitting (and should try it again) but my hands got SO very cramped that I was in pain. IDK why, but knowing how to crochet seems to have made it harder to learn to knit and I wish I would have learned knitting first and then cro. Go figure. Good to hear from you sis.~G

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    How cool!!! They look great!:) How long did it take you to finish the pair? I crocheted a king size bedspread for my MIL one time and it took me a year.LOL
    I am guessing you are making a throw rug??? I have seen them done before but never have tried it myself.
    Enjoy your new addiction! Hehe

    Love and hugs,


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