Monday, January 25, 2010

A Teensy Tiny Glimpse of the Torch...




The 2010 Olympic torch passed by this morning.  I saw the twinkling lights of the support vehicles through tree tops, heard the reverberation of the bass of the music, heard the shouts. 

We had hoped to join in the celebration in town last night but my Mr. was suffering a cold and so we did the right thing and stayed indoors. 

I have mixed feelings about our Olympics.  I feel it's turned into such a huge commercial machine.  I'd like to see it being more about the athletes and their accomplishments - and see them promoted and supported more.  And I have to agree with a sentiment a friend voiced to me - that they should be held in only ONE place, ever.  The reason being the expense, each country trying to outdo each other with their venues.  If it were in only one place then the existing infrastructure could simply be upgraded now and again.  Also firm plans could be made for travel, accommodation, security etc.  Its simply hard to justify money being tossed about like this when there are so many worthy needs in our province.

This said - I would have liked to have watched the torch being relayed - one of the torch bearers was Tony, a man who works at Home Hardware.  Tony has Down's Syndrome and he is a sweetheart of our town.  He's always got a cheerful word for everyone and is a hard worker.  He's dear to each of us.  Another torch bearer was a student of my Mr.'s so we would have liked to see him too. 

You can view an interactive map of the Olympic Torch route - see photos etc by clicking the graphic below (we are at Osoyoos)


Fullscreen capture 25012010 82756 AM


How do YOU feel about the Olympics? 


  1. Hey Barb, hope you´re doing good. I remember the 1986 Expo preparations, we were living in Vancouver at the time, so I can imagine a little of the excitement and "hype" that is going on. It was fun, because I was younger, but I think right now, I don´t miss it. It´s fun to watch it on TV, I don´t need to "be" there.

  2. wow I just had a look at it will pass my aunts place in Princeton as well. Wish I was there to watch it passby.

    I just wanted to say that I love reading you blog as I have spent a lot of time in your neck of the wood and I love seeing what is going on.

  3. Hi friend. I have to agree that the whole hoopla that accompanies the olympics and where ever the torch goes is so overdone and wasteful. It's fun to get caught up in the event of it all. But really I can only imagine what Canada, BC and each community spends on all this. I do enjoy watching them but like you said. If the venue was always in one spot it would be about the sports and athletes and not a big production by each country. Well that's my cynical two cents anyways. LOL

  4. Good afternoon Barb:)
    Sooo sorry Miles had a cold and you both missed the torch.:( Hope he is feeling much better by now!
    The only time I can remember being excited about sports and track and field is when my brothers were in
    Jounior high and high school.My oldest brother held a medal in track and field for several years in Jr.high..until someone beat it.:) Both brothers were into basketball pretty heavy too.I loved going to their games and cheering them on.:)
    hmmmm...Since I wasn't interested in going to the Olympics when they were here in Atlanta....prolly wouldn't have taken the time to watch the torch either.:)Sorry..but the parking situation would have really deterred
    I went to a few Brave's games and just getting to the stadium was an ordeal.:)After the game wasn't so bad..especially if we were losing..cause people left early.hehe

    Love and hugs!

  5. Look Barb I'm leaving a comment on your blog! We were up bright and early on the 23rd to see the torch in Elkford at 6am we had a great time and it was a great experience. It was also Lily's birthday. While I agree that there is WAY WAY too much money spent I think having it in different places is good because along with the sports I think a big part of the olympics is allowing the host country share their culture with the world, I don't think it would have the same impact if it was always held in the same place.

  6. GREAT point, Kristin! I appreciate your honesty and you've given me food for thought.


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