Saturday, January 09, 2010

Becoming Tradition

Well we can't really afford nor justify it but we have been enjoying an outing once or twice a month. It's not terribly expensive - especially if compared to what it would cost to have dinner out. But this is a very welcome time that my Mr. and I look forward to - we anticipate it with our mouths and tummies. It's the exoticness of these little treasures called Dim Sum.

I always get a thrill to see what's under the lid of the "party tray" we order.

And there you have it - an assortment of about a dozen unique and modest delicacies.

Mr. And I prepare our soy sauce and hot chili sauce to accent. This is his "edible artwork"

And here's mine. A feast for the eyes.

This is an order of the sticky rice .

It comes all wrapped up in this HUGE leaf which we found out is a lotus leaf.

And our meal is complete when we add these pot stickers.

Hmmm - I missed taking a photo of an extra dish. It was a small cup of "dessert" ~ a complementary dish, a gift from the management. It was a very pale green, a thin milky looking broth, sweet, with a touch of pulp in it and tiny tapioca seeds. It was very sweet. The owner told us it was made from beans.

Mr. hated it (pulling a face I wish I'd caught on camera as if he was using his front teeth to scrape a caterpillar off his tongue!).

I thought it was fine though suspiciously like my buckwheat porridge!

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  1. Good evening Barb:)
    I can't say I remember ever having Dim Sum.I am sure if I had..I would have remembered it.:) Interesting...hehe. What are they filled with?
    Today is Jim's 57th birthday and Christy is making lasagna for him and she made a cookie cake for him too.mmm I am glad it's his bday.LOL
    I am slowly getting better.Thanks for your prayers!

    Love and hugs,

  2. wow the meal looks awesome ... I see I have missed a few days ...sorry the knitting way to go girl ..knitting is something my mom tried to teach me...ya well. Hope we connect this week coming ...miss you lots


  3. Dim Sum is one of my DH's favorite! He loves that you can order small quantities. I think I'd skip that dessert - LOL!

  4. Barb... So strange everytime I try to go to your blog my browser would crash. It has been doing it fir a very long time. Then I used my little brain and tried on
    my iPhone and what do you know it worked yea !!!

  5. Oh, I love dim sum's..
    every other New Year I do a big chinese meal with friends with stemed dim sums for starters followed by peking duck with pancakes.. the duck I prepare the night before, the pancakes however I purchase from the nearest chinese supermarket, only once have i made them myself, I just couldn,t get them paper thin although they were quite delicious.
    then after the duck I do a few stir fry's, one prawn and one beef with plenty of vegetables too.. deset is usually best belgian chocs with champagne! it really is a banquet.. and we all love it!


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