Friday, January 15, 2010

The "Belle of the Birthday" and being a Garbologist

This is Isabelle. She's a dear friend and she just turned 80 years old. My friends Leila and Nathan organized a surprise party for her on Thursday night at our church. They usually have dinner with her on that night each week so it was not difficult in tricking her into coming to the church where we were all waiting.

The party was a huge success and she truly felt honoured.

I helped set up beforehand. I still had to put away Christmas decorations too! Things got squared away first - all the way I was tantalized by the heavenly smells of the giant lasagne Leila was cooking.

I had been downtown before this and did something I rarely ever do - I stuck some change into my pants pocket. Some coins and two five dollar bills.

I guess I got so involved in decorating that somehow between putting up balloons, streamers etc I must have used my pockets to hold an assortment of items such as my mini leatherman's tool, scotch tape, pins and that sort of thing. I must have pulled the dollar bills out of my pockets and tossed them in with the trash. Sigh!

I didn't discover the money was missing until we left the building that night. The next day I really debated with myself if it was worth it to get it back - but in the end I (literally) rolled up my sleeves and dived in.


Past the plastic packaging, past the paper plates and beyond the squishy remains of shepard's pie and lasagne - all mashed together... And cold and clammy (shudder!)

In the end I retrieved one of the two bills.

This called to mind one time when my Mr. And I had taken out cash to pay the rent. He asked me to hide it on a safe spot for a while so we would not have to make an extra trp to yhe bank. I secreted it away on a sock drawer inside an old pair of socks.

I to this day do not know why but the very next day I got a phone call from big brothers and sisters to say they were picking up clothing donations curbside - could I place them out.

I quickly tossed a bag together -including THAT pair of socks. A few hours later my Mr and I were talking and all of a sudden it HIT me!!!

Thank goodness the collections had not been picked up and I was able to retrieve the $500 cash. To this day it makes me laugh with relief.

Have YOU ever thrown money out by mistake? How about sucked up a piece of jewellery or something with the vacuum? Lost an earring Down the sink? A ring down the toilet? Got a good story you would like to share here?

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  1. What a lovely party surprise!

    No special lost money surprises, but I love it when I come across money that I had forgotten about - in a winter coat pocket which had been packed away all summer for example!

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Ewwwwww!!!hehe I prolly would have done the same thing you did...but I would hope the kitchen had some gloves!LOL
    Years and years ago
    Jim had given me a pre-engagement ring.(small band with a small diamond) I had it for years and then one day I was in a public restroom and washed my hands and shook them to dry and the ring flew off of my finger and landed behind the sink and cabinet.
    I told the mgr and they tried to help but short of ripping the cabinet off of the wall...I was outta luck.:( Believe me...I was tempted.LOL
    I am trying to think of an instance like yours...but can't at the moment. If something comes to mind...I will do a return trip.:)
    Happy Birthday to your dear friend!!

    Huge hugs and lots of love my friend!

  3. My sisters the crazy woman, being as I am just as crazy I am sure I have done similar things sis. None come to mind... we none I am willing to devulge:P

    Love ya,

  4. Yep! Matt lost 5£ today! LOL...sheeesh!

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  6. Happy Birthday to Belle! she looks like a real sweetie!! :) and what a WONDERFUL surprise for her!
    i remember, quite a few years back, while away,i took out my diamond earrings and didn't want to just throw them in my pocket or purse so i carefully wrapped them in tissue. well, of course i didn't think of them when i got homw and the next time i went to clean out my purse, i gathered all the tissue and threw it all out. LONG after the trash was gone, did i remember! gone, to me, forever.
    i can imagine that being a person who works with trash, gets a BONUS more than we would like to think! lol Glad you at least found one of the bills!


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