Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nutty about Thursday!

Today I made my own "butter" out of almonds and you can too! It's so simple - just take whatever nuts you like and put them in a blender, or as I did in my Magic Bullet. I took a few extra nuts and toasted them for added flavour. Add just a pinch of sea salt and then whirl away adding olive oil into the mix until it's the consistency you like! Numm.

My Mr. Liked this much more than my buckwheat cereal. He was never fed anything 'mushy' as a kid so is horrified when is offered anything of the sort. He claims I violently pursued him, teaspoon in hand yesterday to try it. It was traumatic to hom to be chased with porrige. So today I gently coaxed and got good results. You think I should do the old "the spoon is an airplane (car, truck, train)" trick we do to little kids? *snort*

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  1. Look at you going all nutty on use.

    Love ya sis.

  2. HAHA!.. You didnt have to chase me with a spoon to try your buckwheat mixture... I loved it... Although the banana could have done some damage to my intestines!..


  3. I went and tried that buckwheat porridge ... hmmmm ... I'm with Mr. Miles ... I wasn't too keen on it. Probably not a do again for me. The almond milk on the other hand, was good and easy to do ... recipe will be very helpful for when(if) we do a cleanse.

  4. Hey Barb, glad you are trying your hand at some new things and blogging again too. :)

    Have you tried the new Artisian bread book? I haven't and wondered if it was good stuff.~G


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