Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Stinks!

I've always abhorred the smell of PineSol, Mr Clean and any of those pine-based cleaners. Does it somehow remind me of hospitals? Over-zealous day-cares where a baby's mouth is wiped before it even manages to drool past the lips? I don't know but I do know that sometimes I have used it because I think I "should" (something taught me by my mother?) - then I immediately regret it. I don't think its necessary these days with many yummy smelling products available. I'm a fan of bleach - the smell does not linger. I also LOVE baking soda.

I think it could be because many people accociate SCENT = CLEAN. I DO want people to think my house is "CLEAN"

I'm going to avoid it from now on. Do YOU use/like PineSolly cleaners? If you've tried something else that cleans and kills germs dead - tell me!

And I'm not letting a french fry past these lips for the next month. I said it here, you can keep me accountable. Perhaps I'll start a "No Fry" zone calendar here.


  1. Barbs,
    To me Pine Sol smells like cat pee. It's nasty.

    I like the smell of lemons or bleach myself...

  2. We use a lot of bleach here too. It just keeps everything whiter and kills the germs. I do love to have a "scent" in the bathrooms though, but not Pine Sol, just anything that smells fresh.

  3. Hey there Mrs.!

    I use vinegar (in a spray bottle on counter) and baking soda (in a shaker jar on the counter) a lot. If I want to disinfect something I have a food grade Hydrogen peroxide that I dilute with water and keep in a spray bottle. A drop or two of essential oil of choice, in a solution adds a nice, healthy, smell.

  4. Pine Sol & the like gives me migraines, so I NEVER use it. I do however use Lysol. The pourable, the multipurpose spray, I love my some Lysol. But not the air freshener type spray. Yup, migraines. I use Febreeze if I need an air freshener.

  5. I'm so scent-sensitive, I can't even have scented clothes detergent. My softener is also unscented. Otherwise? Instant migraine. I clean with a solution of vinegar, dish detergent, and bleach. That just about covers everything. Also, peroxide. And I confess to using Comet because it cleans pans like nothing else.

  6. Good morning Barb:)
    Nope..can't like Pine Sol.ewwww.:)
    I use Clorox cleanup for the heavy stuff and Lysol for my bathroom.Comet if I need an abrasive.Soft Scrub for the floor in the shower.Works wonders!I love the smell of lemons too and lemon peels help with the stinch in the garbage disposal.For a few minutes anyway.LOL When I clean my woodwork and doors(all are white)..I use to use Mean Green...but I found out..good ole soapy water works just as well and doesn't smell the place up.LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!! I am gonna do laundry.AGAIN!!:(hehe
    Love and hugs,

  7. nothing special in smell cleaners ..but bleach is a good whitener. No fries ...way to go girl. We will all be watching ..hehehe :)


  8. Nice to meet you.

    I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

    Please link me with the blog if it is good.


  9. Hi Barb,

    Yup, I agree with you, cleaner scents are a sin, I get headaches from scents and can't use airfresheners etc., I use bleach, but for the floors I bought a Ocean Sales floor steamer, and its works great, no cleaners just water. I have laminated floors and its a breeze to clean. With 2 little ones and one maingy mutt I need all the help I can get, once in a while I wipe down the baseboards with soapy water.

    Hope all is well, my girls are home with the flu, and I got caught up with the laundry, and started some zuc relish, tomorrow i'll be cooking it and canning, wish me luck it's my first attempt making zuc relish.

    Take care.


  10. Oh, I have a question about making ghostly images, do you know how to make a photo image look ghostly, a person or house etc. I have photoshop elements 4 but I don't use it much only to fix up the odd photo. I'm hoping to get some practice making pictures ghostly for halloween this year.


  11. Hi Mrs Miles, so sorry I havent popped over for so long, and thank you for leaving such warm messages for me!!! You've been in my thoughts a lot lately and hope you doing just great. Im afraid I hate any type of artificial fragrances in any cleaners lol, Im a sucker for aromatherapy and after working with the natural versions anything other smells awefull but one has to use something to get rid of the meanies and clean the house so im stuck unless i make my own using the essential oils which have antiviral / bacterial qualities etc but it works out more expensive lol so have to put up with the bought versions!! Have a wonderful day and big hugs to you.

  12. Oh where oh where has Barbara gone...oh where oh where can she be?hehe

  13. I just realized I was missing you, so I thought I would stop in for a visit. Hope you and Mr. Miles are doing well. Take care my sweet friend!

  14. Good morning Barb!!!!!!!
    Just popping in to let you know that I used your WA Cross in a LO on my blog of my ADORABLE Granddaughter Kayla!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi Barb!! I'm back finally!!

    Love your "smell" theories. I love the smell of fresh baked bread, or an Indian Curry, or Baked Apples... so on cleaning day...cook something that REALLy smells good.... and tastes good too!
    Cheers, and thanks for your comment on my website.
    Barb in Australia :)


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