Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall's Magic Begun!

I was asked just the other day if the sumac were turning colour. At that time I confessed - not, other than the tips of a few leaves.


I took a walk yesterday and to my delight was treated to the first ruby jewels dripping from the branches!


Leaves that had not turned glowed with a deep lime light!

Vivid golden hues - all abuzz with bees who I'll bet are cooking up a tasty Autumn honey!


I always love to photograph is these seed pods. They are so interesting and delicate.


What does autumn look like at your place?

The turning of the seasons seems to be going faster - as I was reminded by my friend Gina's blog where yesterday marked the third anniversary of the loss of her son. I imagine that each time the leaves start to turn its a wrenching reminder. If you have some words of comfort, wisdom or encouragement won't you visit her by clicking HERE.


  1. Hi Barb, fall here is the apple picking lol... made my grape jam yesturday. and tried out the zuc peach jam, not sure i'll make it again the yeild was to small for the trouble.

    I do love this time of year. those seed pods are interesting.

    Just stopped for one minute, the kids are home with the flu and i'm trying to get caught up with the housework before the weekend. I might be able to get some fishing in this weekend if we don't have the cows coming home do to cool nights on the range, another sign of fall around here.

    take care


  2. wow awesome pictures Barb ..yes fall. Hope to chat to you later.


  3. You pictures are lovely! I miss seeing the trees turn color in the fall. Over here they just turn gray and loose there leaves. But I am enjoying seeing all the pic´s on peoples blogs.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. A bit of gold around but not too much yet. Still haven't had a frost ... so unusual.

  5. Good Morning Barb:)
    Besides the flooding ..the leaves are falling all over my yard.One day they were on the trees ..the next..the ground...or at least it seems that way.:)LOVE your pics! You find the coolest things to photograph..and thank you so much for sharing with us.:)
    Gotta babysit Katlyn today.Mom and my sister are going to a wedding.:)A friend of theirs..daughter is getting married.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend my friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  6. Great photos.. our leaves are turning golden and orange now. (I'm in Sweden.)


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