Sunday, September 06, 2009

You Want to WHAT?


(here's your requested pic, Nina -ps, re: your blog post today... you DID bring a u-haul of stuff and I loved building cards with you. The one on your post today was my second favorite, waiting for the oooohhh-lala one you did with the green and the butterfly)

40 some-odd jars, 8 jars of preserves, 1 jar peach/pineapple jam. Finally the fruit flies and ants have departed. I can now see the surface of the table on the patio. I am done.


"Hi Mom!

Yes, looking forward to your visit.

Nothing much, but I'm chuffed (and hugely sore!) - got all my canning finished today. Yes, I figure I can feed your son a jar a week this year - as per his request.

So, sure looking forward to your visit on Tuesday. Now that the canning is done we can hang out. Anything in particular you would like to do?

CAN? Um... sure you wouldn't like to take some of mine? No? Okayyyyy! Just a dozen pints? Right."


Ack! I don't EVER want to see another peach in my life! Really, its ok, Mom. Just caught me by surprise is all.

I learned a new tip while canning. I have 'peach juice running up the arm' syndrome when I can - I learned if I tie a rag around my arm, between wrist and elbow it solves this problem. And by keeping a foot deep stack of rags at hand, draping them from every possible cupboard door and on the counter, my kitchen stayed neat during the chaos and cleanup was a cinch.

More at you later seeing as how I have my head out of the canner.

I'm going to wander over to KimB's to check her fabulous PU and CU products on sale this week. I've been salivating over them! Click the pic to visit the chick *wink*

Fullscreen capture 06092009 75453 AM


  1. wow girl when you said you canned peaches last night I thought maybe 12 ... wow canned ..looks good and yummie ...maybe we can have a jar when I visit hehehehe:)

    have a relaxing night


  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Okay..where is the pic of your kitchen with the rags draped everywhere????? THIS I wanna see!!!LOL forgot to take a have MIL coming and you have ample opportunity to make up for that.LORL

    Have a wonderful time with family this week! TRY not to miss me too much.hehe

    Love and hugs,

  3. Wow.. can you say wow. Crazy woman, that is what you are. C.R.A.Z.Y. :) I guess it runs in the family, do you have any salsa?


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