Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Again!

Me and the Bear

We arrived home safe and sound from a quick trip to the coast where we spent some quality time with our folks. I say safe and sound because we had hoped to travel the previous weekend but we had a problem with our tires on Sebastian {VW Van} We truly had a hand of protection on us because the 'shimmy' we felt was enough of a cue for us to get it checked out. The prognosis? Had we traveled a long distance on our back left - it may have exploded! The treads were separating inside the wheel.

We had a wonderful visit and I got ferried around to a ton of yard sales. Will post about this later. The trip home went very fast but Mr. did stop for me by the bear carving at the entrance to Manning Provincial Park. I've always wanted to stop here.

Enough about me - my friend JanMary {Ireland} has some incredibly exciting news! Her husband made the BBC news - I won't spoil it, rather you can click HERE to be transported.


  1. I´m glad you´re back safe and sound. That is always a long trip to the coast. Sounds like you found some good deals in those yard sales.
    I wish we had more of those here....

  2. sounds like you had an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend! i am sure GLAD you had that tire fixed before it became real trouble!! you KNOW, i am looking forward to your yard sale goodies! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day! :)

  3. SO glad you are safe! HE was definitely looking after you.

    Yard sales - we don't have them, but I really feel like I need them!

    Apart from the local papers, news interest has moved on to the parents and babies - which is where it should be!

  4. OOOOh so glad you had a good time and a relax my friend! Did you find anything interesting at the yard sales??- hahaha, silly question huh?
    Can't wait to see.

    Just popped in to say thinking of you

  5. Weclome home to the HOT weather!

    Glad to hear you fixed the tire issue, can't wait to hear about your yardsale finds...


  6. Good Evening my friend:)
    YAY!! You are back safe and sound! Sooo glad you were able to get that tire fixed.
    Yard sales?? I almost forgot what they are the last month or two.hehe Can't wait to see what goodies you collected while on your visit.:)
    Love the bear statue..and your pic with it.:)I just read in our local news that people are seeing black bears in their yards these days.They don't know what is bringing them out of the woods.Yikes!
    Hope you were able to have a nice relaxing day today.:)

    Love and hugs,

  7. I'm so glad you got to go home! I know you guys were looking forward to it. Love the bear! Too cute! Can't wait to see the yard sale deals!

  8. So glad you have had a great mini break and much relieved you found your tyre problem before it was too late.. phew!
    looking forward to seeing photo's of the goodies you got at the yard sales, little Miss bargain hunter :)

  9. Hi Barb. Just wanted to thank you for all the very, very cute rope elements. I downloaded them all the will soooo enjoy using them for my grandson's rodeo pics.

    I found them on the "Depot" & couldn't beleive they were still there in your 2007 archive. Thank you so much and keep up the great work. Diane

  10. glad you had a great time ...lots of good buys ...I bet .

    chat to you soon



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